May Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway!

WARNING: This post will list what was included in the May Kawaii Box.

Hi Lovely!

The wonderful people over at Kawaii Box were sweet enough to send me a box to review and share with you! How cool is that?! They are also letting me giveaway a one to one of my awesome readers! YAY! Stay tuned because I’ll include the giveaway information at the bottom.

May Kawaii Box Unboxing

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Another fun blind box unboxing video!

Hi Lovely!

I’m back with another blind box unboxing video! Yay! Maybe I should come up with a witty name for these videos like, “What’s in that box!” No that wouldn’t work. That sounds like I am touching items in a box and guessing what they are. Alright I’ll ditch the name idea for now.

Q Box Unboxing- Molang special box

Back to the topic at hand, you know I’ve been really into blind boxes lately. In this video I have some great ones! This video includes blind boxes featuring Pusheen, Gudetama, and Pompompurin! Tons of cute stuff. I am so extremely excited to share this with you! Let’s get to it.

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My first mystery box unboxing video!

Hi Lovely!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I started a YouTube channel and recorded my very first mystery box unboxing video! WHAAAT?! I will admit that it was difficult restraining myself for nearly two months from opening up all of the fun boxes but I managed to do it, mostly by hiding them from myself, and was able to record a fun video! The video is a tiny bit long (sorry about that) but it is my first one and I think it is pretty good for my first time. Plus, I can only get better!

travel accessories

So here it is everyone. My mystery box unboxing video!

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Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cut: Bubzbeauty

Today I would like to share Bubzbeauty.


I absolutely love her Youtube channel! She offers a ton of different beauty tips, which I love.
Here is a great example!

I have been watching her videos for years now and I really enjoy her upbeat attitude and her tutorials!
I recommend you heading over to her channel and seeing if you can find any helpful tips.
She also has a hair treatment that is to die for!

Do you have a favorite beauty channel on Youtube? Tell me about it!