How to choose the perfect wedding accessories

Perfect wedding accessories

Choosing your accessories for your wedding can be stressful. You want to make sure it doesn’t distract from that gorgeous dress you just spent WAY too much money on but you also want it to compliment your overall feel.

First, think about your theme for the wedding. Is it sparkly? Do you want a vintage vibe? All of these things can lead you to the perfect accessories.

When I set out on my wedding planning journey I had a few ideas for the look & feel of the wedding. I loved the rustic look that is so popular but I also wanted to have a very classic, vintage vibe.

I took that theme with me when hunting for a wedding dress and accessories. I wanted to look vintage but still modern. I opted for vintage inspired shoes, vintage bracelet, my mother’s pearl necklace, a cardigan with a sweater clip, and simple pearl earrings handmade by me. I decided to go short with the dress because our venue was outside and I knew that a short dress would prevent any fear of dragging I might have. Also, I really enjoy short dresses and thought a short, vintage inspired dress would compliment my style.

I purchased items I knew I could, and would, wear again. The cardigan and shoes I bought get frequent use. It is fun being able to wear them around because it brings me back to our big day.

I wanted to ensure that everything at the wedding fit together. They needed to compliment each other. Each accessory was carefully chosen to help make my ensemble match with the rest of the decor.

Once you have an idea of what you may want I recommend checking Etsy. It will be much cheaper than buying from a bridal store plus it will be more unique. Also, browse Pinterest for ideas. Here is my Pinterest board in case you want to see what I came up with.

I wish you luck with finding all of the adorable details that will help make your big day so very special!

If you have more questions for me please feel free to comment below or email me at cutiecameras[at]

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Our special day captured in photos part 1

I can’t believe it has already been 3 months since Fletch and mine’s weddings. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Time has just flown by! Well, we have our professional photos back so I thought I would share some with you!!

We have a TON of photos so I will make this a three part series for you because I don’t want to overload you. The first part is getting ready & the ceremony, second is the reception, and third will be fun photo booth photos!

Here goes!

Our wedding day was absolutely wonderful. We are so thankful for all that came and helped us on our big day. It was so special and it was partially thanks to all of our amazing friends and family that were there to celebrate! We love you all!

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Wedding Photos!

Saturday was the best day ever. It started a bit earlier than I would have liked but it was totally worth it. I spent most of the day getting all done up and chatting with my ladies. We had coffee, mimosas, bagels, and danced around to some fun music. My hair was HUGE before my hairstylist put it into order.

Here are some photos from the big day! *Note that these photos were mostly taken from friends and family on Facebook so THANK YOU for sharing them with me!!!*


Mimosa bar

Big Hair

Big hair


Hair and makeup.. check!

The ceremony was perfect! Everything looked amazing and I managed to get through my vows with only a few pauses for tears.

wedding ceremony

Fletch and I during our ceremony

We boogied and had a wonderful evening with friends and family.

First Dance

Our first dance together as husband and wife

Troy and Hil

Troy and I

Father Daughter Dance

Dancing with my father

My parents sent us off to a beautiful hotel for the night. Fletch and I loved relaxing and getting pampered.

Hotel room!

After the wedding in our hotel room


Morning breakfast with my hubby


Our hotel

The weekend was amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the way the wedding turned out. Fletch and I had a wonderful time. We had all of our friends and family there helping on our big day and we are so thankful.

I will share photos as I get them.


12 Tips for staying organized and stress-free while planning your wedding

Hello Beautiful!

Today I marry my best friend. We have been planning this for months and it is finally here!

12 tips I first met Fletch at school. We spent more and more time together, started dating, and fell in love. Now we take the next step towards our journey through life together and I want to share what I’ve learned these months leading up to our wedding. These tips have helped keep me sane during this crazy, amazing, hectic, time of life. I hope these tips help you at some point.

Fletch and Hil

Whether you are currently planning your wedding, will be planning it soon, or won’t have to stress about it for a while but still enjoy thinking about it, these tips will come in handy. I’ve been wedding planning for the past 10 months and these are the things I’ve learned on my own, that people have shared with me, and that my fellow bloggers have decided will help make your wedding planning time organized and stress-free. Read these tips and hopefully they will help you make wedding planning fun and exciting.

  1. Get organized early and stay organized!
  2. Label every box with wedding stuff and create a list of everything in each box so setup on the day of is a breeze.
  3. If you have a specific way that you want things setup take a photo before and provide it to those helping out day of.
  4. Create a list of what HAS to be taken home and who it goes with. Provide a copy of the list to everyone responsible for clean up so they know what goes home with them. This way you won’t be bummed when stuff doesn’t make it home.
  5. Make someone the point person for the day of. They will have everyone’s contact information, copies of your contracts, the lists of your boxes, where everything goes, and all of the photos you took for reference.
  6. The morning of your wedding will be hectic. Create a list of everything you need to take with you that day so you don’t forget anything.
  7. If you are borrowing items from friends, label them with blue painter’s tape. Then everyone knows what is theirs.
  8. Don’t worry about tradition when planning. Do what will make you happy!! I decided to have both my mother and father walk me down the aisle. It doesn’t seem fair to only have one participate.
  9. Splurge on a second photographer. They will be able to get more angles, take candids of the guests, and literally makes sure that your photographer is in two places at once. (this tip came from the wonderful Sabina of Victim to Charm.
  10. Get a videographer. Everyone I have talked to has said that you need to spend the extra money and get the big day on video.
  11. Take breaks from planning. You will drive yourself crazy if you allow it to take up all of your time.
  12. Have fun!!! All of the organization and preparations you did before the big day will help make the big day run smoothly. Now you just need to enjoy every minute!!

Alright I hope these tips were useful. I am now off to go get married!! Please send lots of positive vibes our way for our special day.

Love you all and have a great day!! I know I am!


Wedding Advice with Cat from Ditchthebun

Hello Lovelies,
Today I am sharing some awesome wedding advice from the amazing Cat at Ditchthebun! Her blog is wonderful and I really enjoy her writing. After you read her advice please hop on over to her blog and give it a read. I know you will enjoy it.
Hi there everyone!
Cat AKA Ditchthebun here. I am so very excited to have been invited over to Hilary’s awesome corner of the web. When Hilary asked for some wedding tips I kind of went overboard and sent her a couple of pages. I should explain that I have been Bridesmaid many times and Bride once… when you have gone around the block a few times you definitely pick up great tips – like the fact that a champagne breakfast at 7am and champagne lunch at 1pm (+several swigs of OP Rum from a flask because is was 0 degrees and we were wearing strapless dresses!!!) = drunk wedding party 🙂
So here is some advice that kept me sane and feeling like I possibly had an inch of control on my BIG day 🙂

The Venue
Before you do anything else (well apart from tell your family and friends you got engaged) find your venue. You might have to change the date of your wedding to get the venue you want. This has to be the first step in your planning process! Continue reading