12 Tips for staying organized and stress-free while planning your wedding

Hello Beautiful!

Today I marry my best friend. We have been planning this for months and it is finally here!

12 tips I first met Fletch at school. We spent more and more time together, started dating, and fell in love. Now we take the next step towards our journey through life together and I want to share what I’ve learned these months leading up to our wedding. These tips have helped keep me sane during this crazy, amazing, hectic, time of life. I hope these tips help you at some point.

Fletch and Hil

Whether you are currently planning your wedding, will be planning it soon, or won’t have to stress about it for a while but still enjoy thinking about it, these tips will come in handy. I’ve been wedding planning for the past 10 months and these are the things I’ve learned on my own, that people have shared with me, and that my fellow bloggers have decided will help make your wedding planning time organized and stress-free. Read these tips and hopefully they will help you make wedding planning fun and exciting.

  1. Get organized early and stay organized!
  2. Label every box with wedding stuff and create a list of everything in each box so setup on the day of is a breeze.
  3. If you have a specific way that you want things setup take a photo before and provide it to those helping out day of.
  4. Create a list of what HAS to be taken home and who it goes with. Provide a copy of the list to everyone responsible for clean up so they know what goes home with them. This way you won’t be bummed when stuff doesn’t make it home.
  5. Make someone the point person for the day of. They will have everyone’s contact information, copies of your contracts, the lists of your boxes, where everything goes, and all of the photos you took for reference.
  6. The morning of your wedding will be hectic. Create a list of everything you need to take with you that day so you don’t forget anything.
  7. If you are borrowing items from friends, label them with blue painter’s tape. Then everyone knows what is theirs.
  8. Don’t worry about tradition when planning. Do what will make you happy!! I decided to have both my mother and father walk me down the aisle. It doesn’t seem fair to only have one participate.
  9. Splurge on a second photographer. They will be able to get more angles, take candids of the guests, and literally makes sure that your photographer is in two places at once. (this tip came from the wonderful Sabina of Victim to Charm.
  10. Get a videographer. Everyone I have talked to has said that you need to spend the extra money and get the big day on video.
  11. Take breaks from planning. You will drive yourself crazy if you allow it to take up all of your time.
  12. Have fun!!! All of the organization and preparations you did before the big day will help make the big day run smoothly. Now you just need to enjoy every minute!!

Alright I hope these tips were useful. I am now off to go get married!! Please send lots of positive vibes our way for our special day.

Love you all and have a great day!! I know I am!


Wedding Advice with Christina of Lifebeinggirly!

Hello Lovelies,

Today the amazing and wonderful Christina of Lifebeinggirly is sharing some tips for your big day! Again, even if you aren’t getting married soon you can at least read this advice and maybe use it in the future for yourself or to help a friend when they are getting married.

reading letter from Ronnie before ceremony

Weddings are beautiful celebrations filled with happiness, excitement, and love. It is truly bliss to experience a wedding day, whether you are the bride, in the bridal party, or attendee. There really is love in the air, and perhaps it’s the bubbly champagne you’ve been drinking, but a wedding marks a special day that a couple will never forget.

My sweet and beautiful friend, Hilary is tying the knot in less than a month! I could not be happier for her as I know she will truly enjoy not only her wedding day, but the days of marriage that follows the wedding. I wanted to share a few tips from my wedding day since it’s a day where so much goes on in a short 4 hour time span.

Here it goes!

• Eat breakfast! I woke up with so much excitement/nervousness/holysh*t feelings the morning of my wedding that I couldn’t even get a bite of a banana down. I did have coffee; however, I know that didn’t calm myself!

• It is okay to feel excitement/nervousness/holysh*t feelings! I felt sorta guilty that I didn’t just feel overwhelming happiness and joy leading up to the ceremony. I felt happy, of course, it was the day we’ve been planning since forever ago! But, another married friend told me that morning, “It’s normal to feel those feelings, if you didn’t then it WOULD BE weirder. “ So true. That relaxed me. Thank you! <3

• Don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t right. I’m not saying be a Bridezilla, but it’s okay to be a little bossy on your wedding day. I think you have a right to want things a certain way. I mean, you or your family spent a lot of money on everything so it’s important to get the most out of it. For example, my photographer finished taking our bridal party photos and instead of being creative and offering to take more, she just left it there for everyone to go to the reception. I wanted more photos, I wanted the fun photos such as everyone jumping in the air, at a different spot on the location, for example.

• Indulge yourself. Eat the hors d’oeuvre and eat your expensive dinner plate! I only ate less than half my delicious meal because I felt I needed to hurry up and go around and thank everyone for coming. I believe I could have finished my meal and still make the round around the room. I mean, no one is going anywhere!

• PARTY! This one is easy. Dance, drink a lot, and be married! <3


Thank you, Christina for all of your tips!! I know I will keep them in mind on my big day!! Please, go check out her blog and give her some love!


4 tips for planning your wedding with Christina of a casual beauty!

Hello Lovelies,

In honor of my upcoming wedding here is the first installment of awesome wedding tips from Christina! Her blog is absolutely wonderful so after you read through these tips make sure you head over and check it out.

Greetings everyone!

My name is Christina, and I blog over at a casual beauty where I share my love of makeup and beauty through swatches, reviews, tutorials, stories, and much more.  With the exciting arrival of her own wonderful wedding, Hilary has created this great series to share wedding tips and she’s asked me to share a few of my own. I’ve been married for four years, and I’m happy to share these tips with you. I hope you enjoy!

Christina wedding 2

  1. Don’t get too worked up about tiny details or other mishaps. At the end of the day, a wedding is supposed to be a day celebrating love and regardless of things that may go wrong or not be “perfect”, if you end up married to the love of your life at the end of the day then it’s a success! I think people often get caught up in the superficial parts of a wedding and forget what they are really about. For instance, I had a couple mishaps go on during my wedding-the priest’s cell phone rang and subsequently beeped a couple times right in the middle of our ceremony, and our DJ pronounced my name wrong when he introduced us at the reception! However in the grand scheme of it all, those things didn’t matter. I’m married to my wonderful husband. Guaranteed that practically no one remembers or cares about those goofy things and it’s something I can easily joke about now.
  2.  On that note, make sure whoever is announcing you when you enter your reception (if applicable) knows your correct name and how to pronounce everything so you don’t have to feel as awkward as I did
  3. Don’t go crazy trying to appease guests. A wedding is about you and your love, and it should be everything you two want it to be. Sure you want things to be nice for guests but too many people put too much pressure on themselves worrying about what other people will think. Needless stress. Make the day look and feel how YOU want it. If someone doesn’t like something, that’s their problem, not yours!
  4. Don’t feel like you need to take part in EVERY little thing that has ever been associated with wedding planning or the wedding itself. I had a nice planner book for the wedding to try and keep stuff organized and while it was very helpful and gave lots of ideas, it also included tons of superfluous stuff that my husband and I had no interest in and would have been a huge waste of money for us (printing menus, place setting cards, etc.) Just because something is traditional to do doesn’t mean you have to do it!

Here is a BIG THANK YOU to Christina for sharing these helpful tips! Her blog is spectacular so you should definitely go check it out (click here). I hope you enjoyed her tips as much as I did!

More to come in the weeks approaching the big day so keep checking back!!


Wedding Tips!

Hello Lovelies,

My wedding is almost here so I sought out some advice from some fellow married bloggers. The information was incredible so I decided to share it with you!!


During these weeks leading up to my wedding I will be sharing the knowledge shared with me by so many wonderful ladies.

So get psyched because this Saturday will be the first installment!