Cutie Cravings: 15 kawaii items you’ll love

Hi Lovely!

So I’ve decided to no longer do “wish lists” as a regular feature but instead do a “cravings” type list. I’ll still include adorable stuff from around the Internet and hopefully you will see items you like too! Similar post, just a different name. I love finding cute stuff to share with you and I’ve had a hard time figuring out just how to do that. I don’t really want to seem like I’m some stuff-hungry person which is why I decided to switch it up. Alrighty! Let’s get to it.

April Cutie Cravings-01-01

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February Wish List | My Birthday Month!!!

Hi Lovely!

It’s February which means it’s almost my birthday!! I’ll be 27 this year but I still feel like I’m a kid-stuff-loving, beer drinking, old soul adult. It’s a weird feeling. Since I am getting older I decided to do a semi-childish but super-cute wish list! As you may know, Fletch and I recently moved so I mostly included items I thought would make our new place feel a little more like home. I hope you enjoy the items I included!

February Wish List-01

    1. Ice Cream Garland – I thought this little garland would look super cute by my desk in the new place. I love the little ice creams!!
    2. Ice Cream Hooks – I’m always looking for ways to display my purses and I think these hooks are beyond cute!! I wish I knew how to make wood-stuff because I imagine these would be semi-easy to make.
    3. Merida Pop Vinyl – Merida is one of my favorite princesses!! I have the pop vinyls for all of my favorite princesses with the exception of this one. She is the last one I need!
    4. Soot Sprite Pillow – No joke. I’ve wanted this pillow for like two years. It is so cute!!!! Can’t you just imagine how cute it would be on the bed or in my reading nook?
    5. Strawberry Ice Cream Trinket Box – Everything ice cream is pretty much adorable so I had to include this adorable trinket box. Not only would it look cute on a shelf BUT you can hide stuff in it!
    6. Eleventh Doctor Who Pop Vinyl – My two favorite Doctors are David Tenant and Matt Smith. I already have the pop for Tenant and want this adorable Matt Smith with his fez and mop.
    7. Num Noms Neapolitan Ice Cream Figure – I found this toy at Toys R Us and immediately fell in love. Look at how cute they are!!! I can barely handle the cuteness.
    8. Treat Yo Self Print – Parks and Recreation is pretty much one of my favorite shows. I’ve re-watched it three times so far and love it every time. (Debbie, you feel me here)
    9. Chibi Vanellope Von Schweets Print  – I love the movie Wreck it Ralph. I think it is just so cute and fun. I recently decided that I wanted to get a few things Vanellope-related and thought this print would be adorable in my new office space.
    10. Parks and Recreation print  – How awesome is this print? It is Parks and Recreation characters as cats. This is just the coolest.
    11. Vanellope Von Schweetz Figure – The toys for Wreck it Ralph aren’t really being made anymore so finding them can be difficult. I really want this cute little figure to put up on my new shelf because it would be adorable. 
    12. Otter Pin – Can we just talk about how cute this little otter pin is?! I mean, they are holding hands!!
    13. Unicorn Pillow – Thousand Skies is one of my favorite shops and they recently released these adorable unicorn pillows. I feel like the world would go out of wack if I didn’t get at least one. I mean, they are so cute!!
    14. Mini Pug Loaf – I love pugs and since I can’t have one I thought this would be the next best thing. Isn’t it adorable?

So that is the list!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the items I included!

Is there anything I missed that you think I should have included?

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January Wish List | 11 Subscription Boxes You Have To Check Out!

11 Subscription Boxes you have to check out!

Hi Lovely!

I have a feeling that 2016 will be a year for trying new things. When I got to thinking about what types of things I want to try out I thought a bit about subscription boxes. It is a way to find new things and try out new things without the pressure of figuring out what to try yourself. So, I set out to do some research and find some subscriptions I thought might be fun.

After extensive online hunting I gathered 10 subscription boxes I’d like to try. I avoided subscriptions where they send you stuff and then you choose to buy it or not. For me, it just kind of seems like a waste of money. I like the thrill of searching online to find cute stuff I like and paying someone else to do it more me just seems wasteful. I mean, how would I spend my weekday nights if I did that?

Subscription Box Wish List - 11 Subscription Boxes You Have To Check Out!

So lets get into it!!

  1. FanMail – FanMail is a subscription box that features items from your favorite fandoms. As their website says, “each box is tied together with an overarching theme and contains items that commemorate the pop culture that we know and love.” I know I’d love to receive awesome items from my favorite fandoms!
  2. Kawaii Box – You may already know from the subscription box title that this box features super cute kawaii items. Brought to us by Blippo, this super-cute box includes 10-12 cute kawaii items from Japan or Korea. You are sure to get a box filled with items you love.
  3. Bark Box – Your best four-legged friend receives 4 – 6 natural treats and fun toys every month in the Bark Box subscription box. As someone who loves their dog like another human being, I like the idea of treating them every month.
  4. Fandom of the Month Club – Another awesome fandom subscription box is Fandom of the Month Club. Every month you get 3-4 handpicked pieces with a specific fandom theme that arrive in a super-cute hand screen printed muslin bag. What?! How awesome is it that they take all that time to hand make pieces? Love that!
  5. Pusheen Box – When I spotted the cuteness that is this box I squealed out-loud. This box is all things Pusheen, that adorable little grey illustrated cat you see all over the place. I love pretty much everything Pusheen so receiving a box filled with kitty cuteness sounds right up my alley.
  6. Sock Fancy – You may know by now, but in case you don’t, I adore fun socks. It is my own way of adding a little pizzaz to an outfit. This subscription delivers fancy socks right to your door!
  7. OwlCrate – I love this idea!! Every month you are shipped a new young adult themed box that includes a book and 3-5 other book-related keepsakes.
  8. The Fan Empire – Another fandom related subscription, because I am a huge nerd. In this box you will receive 4-6 fandom related items handpicked by fellow fandom nerds all with you in mind.
  9. Hero Crate – Every month you will receive a super-awesome t-shirt along with hero-related goodies.
  10. Fanspirations – In this nerdy box you receive 3-11 items and you get to pick your theme. WHAT?! You choose your interests and that is what they focus your boxes around. I know Birchbox does that but I haven’t seen any of the product related boxes do it. I love that you can customize it.
  11. Q Box – The Q Box is so cute!! You get 6-9 full-size products and premium items from Japan and South Korea. Some of the boxes in the past included a Totoro, Gudetama, and Rilakkuma.

So those are the subscription boxes I hope to try out in the future. Are there any that I didn’t include that you think I should check out?! Tell me about it!

I recently started a YouTube channel and one of the things I want to start doing is unboxings. If that is something you’d be interested in just let me know.

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November Wish List: 14 Pins and Brooches You Have To Add To Your Collection!

14 pins you have to buy

Hello Lovely,

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I am doing well and I’m excited to share my latest wish list with you! This month I went with a theme: pins/brooches! I’ve noticed them getting more and more popular over the last year or so and I’ve personally been growing my collecting little by little. I’m not sure about you but for me, my biggest problem is deciding which pins and brooches to buy! There are so many cute items out there and I want to just buy them all! So, here is my attempt at not spending all of my money; wish list with lots of super cute pins and brooches that would love a new home!

November Wish List-01

  1. Wooden brooch Audrey
  2. Be Spectacular Brooch
  3. Wanda Woodward Crybaby Brooch
  4. Leslie Knope Brooch
  5. Donut Ever Let Me Go Brooch
  6. The Ticket Winner Lapel Pin
  7. Space Taco Pin
  8. We’re Clearly Soldiers in Petticoats Brooch
  9. Pomeranian  Pin
  10. Pissed Alien Girl Lapel Pin
  11. Ice Cream Brooch
  12. Ice Cream Sandwich Pin
  13. Unicone Lapel Pin in Pink
  14. Donut Pin

What do you think of the pins and brooches I gathered up? Are there any you have to have or are there items you think I should have added? I’d love to hear about it!

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October Wish List

This post includes affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase something, I may receive a small compensation for it. All proceeds go towards helping maintain this little blog. 

October Wish List

Hello Beautiful!

A new month means a new wish list! I adore online shopping and these monthly wish lists are my way of sharing my amazing finds with you!! This month I am sharing some super cute dresses, a few prints, and a couple of adorable pieces. I hope you like them!

  1. My Neighbor Totoro anime print
  2. Donut ever let me go brooch
  3. Luck Be a Lady Dress
  4. Time Turner
  5. Record Store Date Dress
  6. Ice Cream Eraser Set
  7. Dagne Dover Tote
  8. Notably Rotary Dress
  9. My dear Frodo print
  10. The Pennsylvania Polka Dot Dress
  11. Perfume Beauty Print

What do you think? See anything you like or find any must haves on the internet recently? I’d love to hear about it!

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