My First Time at Spin Class!

Hi Lovely!

I was recently invited to attend my first ever spin class! My wonderful friend, Angie, was contacted by SoulCycle to host a class! I was invited as one of her guests and I jumped at the chance to try something new. I took a rather long break from trying out new things or at least posting about it, and I’ve wanted to get back into it. Talk about a perfect opportunity!

I carpooled with my wonderful friend, Jenn, which I was very thankful for. She’s been to a class before and was able to help me set up my bike, get my shoes, and find a locker. We had bikes next to each other and having her next to me helped encourage me through the class.

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Try New Things | My First Ever Facial!

Hi Lovely!

I recently had my first ever facial at Skoah in Seattle. While at a really fun blogger event in Seattle a few weeks ago I scheduled a facial with Skoah! They were at the event providing mini facials and arm rubs and they invited my friend Jessica and I to their Capital Hill location to have our first ever  facials! Jessica and I made a whole day out of it (which was really fun).

Let me tell you, I was really nervous about getting my first ever facial. I have really sensitive skin and rosacea so most things seem to irritate my skin. For cleanser I use Cetaphil and for moisturizer I use CeraVe (both are perfect for sensitive skin). On most days that’s all I put on my face. Having a stranger put different treatments and things on my face worried me. What if I end up with permanent red skin?! Luckily I had Jessica with me to help build up my courage.

The lovely ladies at Skoah were so wonderful! They asked about my skin and my daily skin routine before making a plan for my facial. They catered the treatments to my skin and made it a personal experience. I felt like I was listened to and that they cared about how my skin would react.

When I walked into the room where I was to get my facial the atmosphere was calming. They had a cute little sign welcoming me on the bed along with one of their chapsticks. How cute, right?!

They spelled my name wrong but that’s ok

They gave me a hydrodew mask and then put on a cooling mask to help calm my skin. They also did a few extractions before finishing up with moisturizer. I’ll be honest and say that many different things were applied to my face and wiped off and I have no idea what they all were. I do know that I liked how it felt. I could have fallen asleep on that table!

Alright, let’s get on to the final opinions.

Before on the left and after on the right

I would say I really liked getting a facial. It was relaxing, my face felt awesome right after, and overall it was really nice being able to treat myself. I’d definitely get one again. It’s now been a few weeks and I will say in the day following my facial I saw a few pimples pop up. I typically only get one zit at a time and it’s around my period. Somehow three nasty little pimples popped up in the day or two following my facial. I don’t know what happened but getting a facial was the only thing I did differently. Even with an increase in zits I’d still get another facial. It was so nice and I honestly don’t even know if the zits were caused by the facial so, might as well try again, right?!

Have you ever had a facial? Did you like it? I want to hear about your experience!!!

Trying New Things | Lolita Street Style

Please Note: This popular Japanese street style has nothing to do with the book, “Lolita.”

Hi Lovely!

I recently visited my amazing friend, Laura, in Portland for a really fun Lolita meet up! I met Laura on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her style. She wears adorable, pastel dresses and, like me, loves kawaii things. We’ve been chatting back and forth for a while and I randomly suggested that I go visit her and, if it was okay, try out the Lolita style. I’ve been interested in this specific Japanese street fashion and was interested to see it in person and test it out. As you might know, I love all things cute. Lolita style seemed right up my alley. Laura said she’d love to style me and from there we scheduled a date for our meet up.

katie, hil, laura lolitas

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Trying New Things | Products That Prevent Thigh Rub

Hello Lovely!

Today I am sharing a few products that I recently tried in an attempt to prevent thigh rub. Summer is right around the corner and I want to make sure I am prepared. No more thigh rashes. I’m done! I want to be released from the pain that plagues me summer after summer. So, I set off on a quest to rid my thighs of future irritation. I tried three different products in an attempt at finding my holy grail of thigh rub glory. Now, let’s get to it.

Products that prevent thigh rub FIN


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Try New Things | Daiso snacks and weird candy

Hi Lovely!

This month I decided to try a few new things! Last weekend I attended the Daiso grand opening in Federal Way and received a goodie bag for being one of the first 100 customers! Inside the goodie bag was a ton of food items that can be found in the store. I hadn’t tried any of them before so I figured why not do a “trying new things” post where I try all of the goodies I receive! So, here we are. This month I switched it up and, instead of taking photos, I recorded a little video. In this video you will see Fletch and I both testing each item and giving our thoughts on it.

30 Fun Facts About Me

In addition to trying the Daiso goodies we also tried a fancy candy that I received in last month’s Kawaii Box. The candy is very involved and required us cutting to go make it then recording us trying it. It was a lot of work for candy.

Here is the final video and I hope you like it! Fair warning, I was feeling a bit tired so I am not as smiley as usual. I’m still getting used to being in front of a camera and need to remember that my resting face looks a bit grumpy. (Lol)

Please be sure to tell me what you thought of this post in the comments below. Do you prefer the photo version or video version? I want to hear your thoughts!!

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