The story behind my tattoo


I have several tattoos (surprised, aren’t you?) but my favorite, and by far the smallest, is my wrist tattoo. A small equal sign that lives on the middle of my right wrist. I was inspired by an older girl at my university. She was the coordinator for the Sexual Assault Peer Education Team at PLU and I thought she was the coolest. I was just getting into social justice when I met her and I thought the tattoo was a perfect way to represent my belief in equality.

I waited a year before getting it done so I could really think about it. I decided one day in-between classes that I wanted it. I walked down the street to the tattoo parlor and made the commitment. I had just enough time to run back to campus for my Women’s Literature class.


My small equal sign is the perfect conversation starter. People usually ask if I enjoy math, which I don’t, and I explain that it is an equal sign for equality. People then either tell me that it is awesome and we talk about social justice OR they say oh and change the subject.

Either way it tells them my beliefs without having to get into an intense conversation.

I love all of my tattoos but as I said, this is by far my favorite. When I throw up my right hand in solidarity, whether at a march or a concert, it demonstrates who I am and what I am about. I love it and it has become a part of my identity.


Do you have any tattoos?

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The Challenges of Having Long hair

Hello Lovelies!

Don’t get me wrong. I love having long hair! With long hair comes many challenges though. As you may know, or assume, it can be a lot of upkeep! That isn’t the only obstacle I’ve experienced having long hair. Here is a list of all of the things you deal with when you have long hair (and yes I have experienced them all personally).

What is over there?

It gets stuck in your laptop – Yup. That happened. I closed my hair in my laptop, went to set the laptop down, and had a rude awakening to the fact it was stuck.
It gets in your food – I get my hair in my food all of the time. It would probably be a good idea to carry a hair tie with me.
You accidentally eat it – I’ve had way too many meals where my hair was a side dish. I start eating a big old fork full of spaghetti and learn there is hair, still attached, mixed in with my pasta. Yuck.
It gets tucked into your skirt – I’ve had this happen several times when getting dressed. I pull my skirt up, tuck in my shirt, raise my head to realize that my hair is inside of my skirt. Oops!
It gets stuck under your armpits when sweaty – I love wearing my hair down for concerts. Swinging my hair around is just so fun! The problem comes when it gets stuck under my armpits. That is not fun and can be very awkward.
Cuddling can be tricky – When cuddling my hair always winds up in a bad spot. Under Fletch, in his mouth or ears, stuck under me; it is just not a good time. I have to twist my hair and tuck it behind my head to keep it out of the way.
Shedding – I mean there is hair all over!! I can’t tell my husband it is his because, well, it is obviously isn’t.
Getting it stuck in your car – I close the door, attempt to walk away and get pulled back. OUCH! I closed my hair in the door… again.
Zipping it in your clothes – Far too often I get my hair zipped up in my clothes. Again, I think I need to get into the habit of carrying a hair tie with me so I stop causing myself pain.

There are challenges for most hair styles but it is the long hair that I have the most problems with. I don’t plan on cutting my hair anytime soon but I think it would be understandable if I decided to chop it off.

What hair challenges do you have?

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Haters gonna hate.. hate. hate. hate. hate.

I love Taylor Swift. Wow. That feels good to say.

When I say “love” I don’t mean in a romantic way. I mean that I really enjoy her music and she seems like a super rad lady. My love affair with T Swift first started after the release of her album “Fearless”. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed songs from her self titled album but they didn’t catch me like, “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story”.

taylor swift

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I really enjoyed her music. I could dance around my room singing at the top of my lungs and never really get tired of it. So I continued to be a closeted Swifty. I didn’t really talk about my love for her music and had my parents buy her albums for me so I didn’t have to admit to buying her music.

I continued to listen to her music in secret until I started learning more about her. She is awesome with her fans. At shows she would have people walking through the crowd to invite special fans to meet her afterward. I mean WHAT? How many artists do that? I am going to guess not many.

For Christmas this year she sent fans personalized gifts. I mean really well thought out gifts with personalized notes. My friends don’t do that (hell, I don’t do that).

So my love for Taylor grew and grew. I am finally to a point where I can admit that I like her and her music, and I am willing to defend her, so back off. She has blossomed into a really kind, generous, thoughtful, funny person.

Whether you like her songs or not, I think there is no denying that she is a pretty awesome celeb.

So for now I call a toast for Miss T. Swift. She knows just how to deal with haters, how to show appreciation to her fans, and how to treat her friends. You get em’ girl.

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My way of saying thank you

Thank You!-01

Hello Lovelies!

By now I truly hope you know how much I appreciate you. If you don’t then you need to know, I appreciate you!!!!! Each and every single one of you make the time and effort I put into blogging so incredibly worth while. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of you in person and I’ve connected with some of you via other social sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) but I don’t feel like I’ve had the opportunity to really SHOW how much I appreciate you.

So, I would like to write you a personalized thank you note. That is right. It may take some time but I would love to write to you and say thank you. I want to emphasize that I am here to connect with you and build relationships. A handwritten note is a perfect way to do so! (Don’t you think?)

If you are interested in receiving a handwritten note from me then either comment below with your name and address or shoot me an email at cutiecameras(at) If you comment with your information I will not publish it. This is not a scam and I will not add you to any type of list. This is just to send you a little thank you.

I can’t wait to write to you! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram too so we can keep in touch (my main squeeze)!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Can I be your best friend?

will you be my friend?

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Do you ever see someone and think, “Dang, that person seems cool. I bet we’d be best friends if we met.” I get that feeling all of the time. Don’t get freaked out. I’m not weird. Okay I am weird but not in a super creepy way. Just a slightly creepy way.

I digress. I often see people and get an innate feeling that if I got to know that person we would become really good friends. I think I just have a good sense for people. For example, me and Taylor Swift would get along swimmingly, and Emma Stone and I would have epic lip sync karaoke battles. It may be less weird to have these thoughts about celebrities (even though they are humans too) but I have these thoughts about ladies I just randomly see at coffee shops or, more recently, basically every lady at Texas Style Council.

I will provide you with an example. In college I took my first Women’s and Gender Studies course where we focused on women’s literature. The first day of class I noticed this girl who was very quiet, had lots of fun tattoos,  blue hair, and knit while our professor taught. I thought she was the raddest chick ever! I could tell she wasn’t too keen on me but I decided to make her my friend. I knew that with a little bit of hard work I would eventually break down the wall she had built and become her friend.

That semester I said hello and how are you to her at the beginning of every class. Overtime our conversations developed into more and we learned that we had a lot in common. To this day I still consider her one of my dearest friends. We don’t talk everyday and we rarely see each other but when we do it is like no time has passed.

I think it is important to recognize and understand this gut reaction. I think I am a pretty rad person and I have a lot of love to give. If I can give that love to another awesome person then why not?

At Texas Style Council I met so many wonderful ladies that I instantly knew would become friends. For example, Emma of Behind the Leopard Glasses and I connected after a few minutes. She is absolutely amazing and really had a positive impact on me. Another super cool person I met at TxSC was Mallory of Miss Malaprop. She took me under her wing and introduced me to a few fellow nerdy bloggers, which I loved.  Mallory introduced me to Mia of xo Mia and we basically became immediate best friends. I hadn’t realized until later but I had already been following Mia’s blog for months now! How crazy is that?!

Sorry, I think that may have been another tangent. Anywho, I guess what I am saying is: follow your gut about people. If you see someone you think may be a good friend (or more *wink*) then go for it! Say hello and see where it goes. The worst that could happen is they turn out to be jerks and you realize they weren’t meant to be your friend.

Now go get ’em tiger!!

Want to be friends? Then lets chat on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest! As you know, I love making new friends.

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