11 Apps Every Blogger Should Use

11 apps every blogger should use

Hello Lovely!

Blogging can be time consuming. If you have taken a swing at it then you can relate. Between ensuring you always have blog posts ready to publish, sharing them on social media, and maintaining everything else it can get stressful! I feel yeah! That is why I wanted to share a few of my favorite apps that help me as a blogger. I have all of these downloaded to both my phone and my iPad and they’ve really helped me stay organized and connected with my online community.

I suggest this app for many reasons. Firstly, I use it to respond to comments throughout the day. I know that if I wait until I get home too many other things distract me and I totally space on responding to comments. The WordPress app allows me to respond wherever I am. I also love it because I can write blog post drafts on the go. If I get inspired I can get the post going and save it to finish later.

I love Hootsuite because it allows me to schedule out a ton of tweets at once! You can either auto-schedule posts or schedule them for specific days and times. If I have a post I want to continuously promote I just schedule them out all at once in Hootsuite! The great thing about having the app on your phone is that if you connect your Instagram with Hootsuite you can schedule photos to post on your computer and you’ll receive a handy notification on your phone for posting. It makes posting to Instagram regularly super-easy! Keep in mind that if you go with the free version of Hootsuite you can only connect it to three social platforms.

OneNote is awesome! I like to keep notes and blog post ideas organized in this app. It is also great to keep personal or work related notes in. You can create different notebooks within OneNote so you have everything in one handy spot. You also have the ability to attach PDFs, insert photos, create lists, assign tasks, and a bunch of other stuff. It is a great way to keep organized.

I LOVE using pocket to store the articles I can’t read when I first discover them but want to save for later. Since I made the decision to have more of a social media presence I’ve used Pocket to store all of the articles I want to share on Twitter and Facebook. When I need to fill up my cues I just open up Pocket and schedule away!

Buffer is another platform that allows you to schedule content on your social media channels. What I like about Buffer is that you can auto schedule content and move things around to different days if you need to, unlike Hootsuite. The downside is that you have a limit on how many things you can schedule at a time. I schedule all of my Facebook posts through Buffer and my tweets through Hootsuite. That way I can maximize how much I schedule at a time. Also, Buffer emails you when you run out of content. I love that little reminder!

I use Bloglovin’ to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. I like having them all in one spot so when I want to read them I have one place to check. I use the app to find posts I may want to share on social media then I save them to Pocket for when I’m scheduling content.

Tagspire is similar to Instagram in the respect that you are basically sharing photos but with one big difference. You can get paid for sharing your style! WHAAT?! I know! So you share photos, tag products from their catalog and if people like what you share they can buy it directly from the app. Also, anyone can join!! If you decide to join the site then you will have to follow me so we can connect. My screen name is thecutielife. 🙂

I find a ton of really helpful articles on blogging through Pinterest. When I am searching and find a blog post or site I want to share I then save it to Pocket so I can schedule it out in my Hootsuite or Buffer platforms. I find a ton of great content that way.

Instagram is my favorite social media site. I love strong images and the creativity people have unleashed thanks to the platform. When looking at my cell phone battery usage I discovered that the majority of my battery is used on Instagram.

I like having the Twitter app because it allows me to keep up with followers and it is another helpful way to discover more shareable content! Again, I save the posts I like in Pocket to schedule out later.

I recently discovered that you can “save” posts on Facebook. It has honestly been the most helpful thing ever! See a funny video on your feed but can’t watch it at work? Easy! Save it on Facebook and watch it later!! This is my favorite way to store content to share later on my blog’s Facebook page.

What are your favorite apps? I’d love to hear about them!

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Let’s be friends!!

Love List | December


Hello Lovely!!

It is nearly 2016!! Can you believe it?! I am so excited for the new year. It know it will be wonderful!! The year isn’t over yet so I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from around the blogisphere from December. Here goes!!! Trust me, they are awesome.

♥ The wonderful Rae shares 7 universal ways to bring fulfillment to your life.

♥ I LOVED reading about Brittany’s Christmas traditions. I thought back to my families traditions and how  want to pass them on someday.

♥ Hannah shares her tips for surviving as a fashion blogger in winter.

♥ Loving the ladies over at Shaped by Style and their sequin looks! So cute!!

♥ Jenn shared a great DIY for an ugly Christmas sweater.

♥ Kimi looks amazing in this winter outfit. I want to put her in my pocket!

♥ I had to share another wonderful posts from The Outfit Repeater. This DIY Star Necklace from Hannah is absolutely amazing!

♥ The fabulous Keiko Lynn shares an amazing bouffant updo on her blog. So good!!

I love writing my monthly “Love List”. I get so much joy out of reading fellow blogger’s posts and I am so happy I can share just a few of my favorites with you. I also love learning about new blogs so if you have one you think I will enjoy please feel free to share in the comment section!!

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2016 Blog Planner!

Hello Lovely!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I wanted to share my new 2016 Blog Planner with you!! I am so excited to be releasing this thing. I’ve been working really hard to get it completed for the past two months and I can’t believe it is finally finished. Yay!!

Modern Information medium and office supplies on table

This planner is a downloadable PDF that you can purchase from Etsy and print in the comfort of your own home. How great is that?!

The planner includes:
♥ tip sheet for using the planner
♥ cover page with an inspiring quote
♥ goals page
♥ post ideas list
♥ collaboration list
♥ notes page
♥ passwords page
♥ statistics page
♥ monthly calendar pages to keep track of your posts and sharing on social media

Since you download it at home you can print as many copies of each page as you need!

Modern Information medium and office supplies on table

This awesome planner is only $6 and is the perfect way to keep organized in 2016!

I hope you like it!!

Click HERE to purchase my brand new 2016 Blog Planner!!

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30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging Review

Hello Lovely!

The wonderful Stephanie Shar of The Loudmouth Lifestyle allowed me to check out her new workbook, 30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging. Stephanie helps women “wantrepreneurs” leave their jobs and start creative, service-based internet businesses. Her mission is to help you achieve goals online so that you can find fulfillment + freedom offline.  She focuses on motivating fierce females to blog boldly, live fully, and love themselves more through e-books, e-courses, coaching and community.

Stephanie Shar

I always enjoy reading blogger workbooks, e-courses and the like. I figure there is always room for improvement. So, when I saw the opportunity to check out Stephanie’s guide I jumped at it! Let me tell you that I am so glad I did!! It was not only informative but entertaining. Her voice really shines through and her humor made me feel like I was chatting with a friend (even though it wasn’t really chatting but more like reading a letter from a friend).

The 30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging_Page_01

Stephanie’s guide offers tips on improving your about page, connecting with your audience and with fellow bloggers, and much more! She really incorporated a lot of content into a jam packed 30-day course. Like some people, I tend to get REALLY excited with workbooks and go hard then I start to taper off. I am happy to say that didn’t happen with this one! Yay! I stuck with it and got all the way through. I had to move a little quicker than I would like to ensure I got a review up in time, but I took a ton of notes and plan on re-visiting it to complete some of the more involved tasks that I skipped.

Stephanie definitely knows what she is talking about. I loved her casual yet professional writing style and the content was really helpful. I definitely think you should check out Stephanie’s blog, her e-courses and all of her other amazing content.

Her blog: http://www.the-loudmouth.com/
Her coaching: http://www.the-loudmouth.com/p/coaching.html
Her e-courses: http://www.the-loudmouth.com/p/courses.html
The Book!: https://gumroad.com/l/loudboldblog#

Big thank you to Stephanie for letting me check out your e-course and learn from you!

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15 Blogs You Need To Read


15 blogs you have to read

Hello Beautiful!

I have been very fortunate to meet so many wonderful people through blogging, that includes you! Blogging has opened up so many doors for me and really taught me a lot about myself. I’ve learned to appreciate and respect my desire to be creative. I’ve learned to value my writing and my love for meeting new people. Overall blogging has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had so far.

It is because of my love for blogging and the wonderful community I’ve found that I would like to share with you a few of my favorite blogs. These bloggers deserve every bit of success and recognition they receive. So let’s get to it!

A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe

Rosie is fabulous! She shares her style and event recaps. She is absolutely hilarious and I definitely love reading her blog.

Brighter Sides

Looking for an awesome lifestyle/fashion/beauty type of blog? Well then you need to check out Kelsi’s blog, “Brighter Sides”. Her posts are wonderful and she is amazing.

Miss Malaprop

Mallory, the genius behind Miss Malaprop, is a creative badass. She offers tips on making money as an entrepreneur, how to build relationships with brands, and lots of other REALLY helpful information. If you are a blogger looking to grow I definitely recommend checking her out.

Writes Like a Girl

Nicole of Writes Like a Girl is an adorable, fashion/lifestyle blogger. She believes in sisterhood and equality on all levels. I definitely recommend her blog for her inspiration, cute style, and lots of other awesome content.

XO Mia

Mia of XO Mia is an amazing cosplayer/lifestyle blogger. Her blog is perfect for anyone interested in cosplay or for those who love other “nerdy” things.

Behind The Leopard Glasses

Behind The Leopard Glasses is the blog-baby of lifestyle/fashion blogger, Emma. Emma loves bold patterns and fun colors.

Invasion of Personal Space

Brittany of Invasion of Personal Space shares her life as a stay at home mom. Follow Brittany and her adorable daughter, on their adventures through life and growing up.

Diana’s Adventures

Diana shares all of her amazing adventures on her blog, Diana’s Adventures. She has traveled all over the world and she shares all of those wonderful experiences with you on her blog. Trust me, after reading her blog you will have wanderlust super-bad!!


Jenn of hellorigby! is a fashion and lifestyle blogger sharing her fave looks, awesome makeup tips, and of course her adorable dog, Rigby! Her blog is the perfect one stop shop for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Kimi of Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair is a stylish Utah transplant currently working on her PhD in atmospheric sciences. She puts together some of the cutest outfits! Perfect for every season.

Anastasia Amour

Anastasia writes all about body positivity. Seriously, if you want fearless body confidence then you need to check out her blog.


Kristina of Eccentric Owl has the cutest vintage inspired style. I want her to take me shopping so I can dress more like her (no joke). Fun fact, she lives near me!


Allison shares some of the BEST blogging tips! If you are looking for some great advice and resources you should definitely check out her posts.

Rya Pie

Mariah of Rya Pie is a recent discovery of mine. She also shares vintage-inspired outfits along with her photography, recipes, and other fun stuff from her life! I turn to her outfit photos for fashion inspiration.

Pastel Carousel

Pastel Carousel is run by the adorable, Rae. Similar to me, she loves pastel (girl after my own heart), and cute prints. She shares about her life with her adorable kids and of course her super cute style.

So that is my list! I hope there are a few blogs that you haven’t heard of yet and can now check out! Do you have any blog recommendations? I’d love to hear about them!

P.s. Kelsi over on Brighter Sides recently made a similar post! I’ve been working on this one for far too long and was excited to see which blogs Kelsi shared. Be sure to read her post here.

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