Valuing My Friendships

Hi Lovely!

Making friends as an adult can be tricky. I’ve been fortunate to meet some fantastic people through my blog, work, or mutual friends. People that I consider family.

It’s crazy how some people come into our lives. I was invited to a buy and sell group on Facebook by a blogging friend. Once I was added, she introduced me to the group. Then, someone commented, welcoming me to the group. Little did I know she’d become one of my dearest friends.

I met my friend, Karissa, through a mutual friend. We went over to our mutual friend’s place to play League of Legends. We got along really well but ended up not talking for a while. A few years later, she messaged me on Instagram, seeing if I wanted to get together. I’m so glad she did!! This amazing lady has become such a dear friend, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

I’ve met several of my current friends through jobs. While you may not want to spend more time with the people you spend most of Monday – Friday with; sometimes you find a diamond in the rough.

What I’ve learned through the challenges of adulthood is this. It’s essential to have people in your corner. People who will be there for you when times get tough. Who will accept you fully, the good and the bad. It can be tough to find, but once you do, it’s crucial to maintain them. That can be even harder. It takes effort. It takes time.

When you find someone who you share a special bond with, do everything you can to make it a priority. It’s too easy to grow apart from those you love.

Here’s to making the best of every moment and telling those we care about how special they are.

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