15 Super-Cute Online Kawaii Stores

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You may know by now that I am a bit of an online shopper. I love searching around the internet for cute finds and getting a good deal. The positive thing about this is that I now know about a ton of really cute online stores that I can share with you! Do you like cute stuff? Never know where to find it? Not a problem! Here is a list of a few of my favorite online kawaii-themed stores. Let’s get to it!

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Blippo I adore Blippo! They sell a ton of super-adorable items from cups to stationary and everything in between. If you are looking for a go-to kawaii store then you need to check this one out.


I am lovin’ this shop! I found several SUPER-CUTE blind boxes from this store and they were all really reasonably priced. If I had bought them from a local shop I would have spent $10-$12 bucks but on their store they are $5-$8. So great!!


This site sells super-cute accessories! I pretty much want every bag they sell.

Hamee Strapya World

Looking for adorable cell phone accessories? This site has them! Love squishies? They have them! Strapya World has a ton of adorable items that will fill your world with even more Kawaii!


No joke, I buy most of my stuff from AliExpress. I adore it!!! The products are good quality, affordable, and super-cute! The biggest downside is that it takes a while to receive your order. Plan on a month for receiving items you buy. If you can be patient I’d say it is worth the wait.

Japan LA

Japan LA has really cute kawaii clothing and some cute pieces imported from Japan. I will say their clothing is a bit expensive so if you have a tight budget I suggest checking out their sale items.

Rosy’s Garden

I like showing you all of your options which is why I’m sharing this adorable shop. Even more plushies and blind boxes! Tons of stuff that you will love.

Hey Chickadee

This adorable site has a ton of adorable Pusheen items. If you love that adorable cat you will love this store.

Tokyo Otaku Mode

tokyo otaku

Photo from https://otakumode.com/shop/plushies

If you love cute plushies, fun blind boxes, and awesome collectible figures then you will need to check out this site!

Sugar Bunny Shop

Kawaii apparel and accessories are in full force here! They have adorable scarves, plushies, and lots of other fun items.

Cutie Pie Kawaii

Plushies, tamagotchis, candy, you name it they have it! This site is super-cute and has a little bit of everything kawaii.

Tofu Cute

Tofu Cute

Photo from http://www.tofucute.com/

I mean, this shop has “cute” in the title so you know it is good. This shop offers cute stationary, yummy snacks, and tons of adorable lifestyle items.

Kawaii Land

Have a large squishy collection (or want to start one?) This is the perfect site for you then! Kawaii Land has lots of different squishies so you will definitely find one to fit your taste.

Claw Grabby Store

Looking for blind boxes, alpacas, and everything else cute? This site has them!!

Shop Kawaii

This site has even more blind boxes plus cute stationary, adorable plushies, and fun home goods!

I can’t believe there are so many shops out there that sell so many cute things! I didn’t fully embrace the kawaii lifestyle until the last year or so and I’m really glad I did. It has taken me a really long time to figure out what my “style” is. In high school I wore t-shirts and jeans and hated dresses but always admired feminine women. Now, I wear dresses or skirts everyday and only own one pair of jeans (in case of emergency). I feel like finding this kawaii lifestyle and getting into pastels has allowed me to show off what was already inside: a cute, lively, lady that loves tiny things.

So, what did you think? Did I share any sites you didn’t know about? Or, do you have any to suggest? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Hilary, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to these sites! I actually spent like 30 minutes on Blippo just looking through all of their different, adorable mugs. I never knew I needed to drink out of an ice-cream shaped water bottle, but now I do there’s no going back! 😛 BTW your blog definitely lives up to its name 🙂 I love the cute, positive vibes! I wish you all the best on your blogging journey and can’t wait to read more from you 🙂

    • Hi Daisy! I am so glad you enjoyed this post! I’ve totally been in the same boat on Blippo. I have their ice cream cup and their cake mug. Both are super-cute!!

      I am so glad you enjoy my blog! I look forward to getting to know you! I love making new friends. 🙂

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