Cutie Cravings: 15 kawaii items you’ll love

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So I’ve decided to no longer do “wish lists” as a regular feature but instead do a “cravings” type list. I’ll still include adorable stuff from around the Internet and hopefully you will see items you like too! Similar post, just a different name. I love finding cute stuff to share with you and I’ve had a hard time figuring out just how to do that. I don’t really want to seem like I’m some stuff-hungry person which is why I decided to switch it up. Alrighty! Let’s get to it.

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Today I am sharing some adorable items from one of my favorite sites, AliExpress! They sell a ton of super-cute products at affordable prices. The one con would be that it takes forever to get your goodies (stuff comes from out of the country) so be prepared to wait. On to the items I picked out for you.

  1. Popcorn Purse – Love food themed purses but hate the price? BAM! This little fella is only $13!
  2. Panda Slippers – Having a hard time finding cute slippers that match your animalistic desires? Welp. This site has them! I mean, look at these pandas!
  3. Pink Purse – Need a cute little purse but don’t want to drop a ton of money? This is less than $5.
  4. Cat Purse – Do you like Sailor Moon? Then this super-cute purse might be for you! Only $27.
  5. Hello Kitty Figures – These cute little Hello Kitty figures come in pairs and are only $15!
  6. Molang Pillows – Molang is a sweet chubby bunny and these cute little pillows are perfect to add a little kawaii to a room.
  7. Cord Organizers – I love keeping my cords organized and these cute little things are perfect! They are big enough to wrap around pretty much anything. For a set of 6 they cost under $3.
  8. Donut Pillow – Donut pillow?! YES! I would totally leave these around my house if I could. These are less than $8! WHAAT?
  9. Molang Figures – More cute Molang items!! These cute little figures would be perfect on a shelf or bookcase. Only $9 for a set of five.
  10. Ice Cream Door Stop – We all have doors so why not have a cute door stop? Only $17!
  11. Lollipop Purse – Another cute food-themed purse? Yup! They have a ton! This cute little lollipop is under $10.
  12. Sailor Moon Figures – Looking to add a few cute Sailor Moon items to your cutie collection? This entire set is less than $10!
  13. Pokemon Badges – I am a huge Pokemon fan (played a ton when I was younger) so finding these cute little gym badge pins was more than perfect. I can now show off my nerdiness! Less than $14 too!
  14. Ponyo Plushie – Do you like Studio Ghibli? Love Ponyo? BAM! How cute is this plushie? Under $10.
  15. Rilakkuma Figures – How cute are these adorable little stackable figures? They cost less than $16 for the whole set. Too cute!

So that is my fun round-up. What do you think? Did you see anything you want to get? I hope so!! Let me know if you find anything cute of your own. I’d love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “Cutie Cravings: 15 kawaii items you’ll love

  1. Have you ever ordered from Ali express? It seems like it’s out of China and I’m worried about shipping times, quality, and returns.

    • Great question! Yes I have ordered from them (probably too frequently). I’ve had a few issues with sellers where they send me the wrong version of an item but other than that I haven’t had any issues. It takes about 3 weeks – 2 months to receive an order but it mostly depends on the seller and how quickly they get it shipped out. If you are worried about ordering from them but want to try it out I’d say order something small and inexpensive and see how it goes. I hope that helps!

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