Realizing the uncertainty of life

Today I realized that it was recently the one year anniversary of my friend, Cory, passing. He was a warm-hearted, kind person that always tried to make others happy.


I met Cory my sophomore year of university. I think I was mutual friends with his roommate so it was natural that I got to know Cory too. He was always nice. If someone needed a ride, Cory offered. If someone wanted to hang in the room, Cory welcomed them. He was always a kind spirit and I knew that seeing Cory would be a pleasant experience.

I eventually grew apart from that mutual friend and in turn, Cory. We kept in touch via Facebook, just like so many other relationships that have become distant. I found out about his passing through his fiance’s Facebook post. He had just gotten engaged and the happy couple was planning their wedding and inevitable future together.

Then he was gone. In a blink of an eye, poof. I always assumed Cory would be there. That there was more time for us to reconnect. More time for me to tell him congratulations and that I am so happy and excited for him.

Loss is a hard pill to swallow. You keep thinking they will be there. That is, until they aren’t. Cory’s death was a wake up call for me. A realization that each day isn’t promised and that living each day to the fullest is a must. I should express my appreciation towards others because I may not get the chance to in the future.

I miss you Cory. I am so sorry we grew apart and that I wasn’t there to help get excited about your new love.

Moving forward, in honor of Cory, I will love a little deeper, smile a little more, and help spread more kindness in the world.

For Cory.

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