Blog Planner Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!!

I am excited to announce that I am giving away a copy of the 2015 Monthly Blog Planner I designed.


I love getting organized and want to share that with you!

Blog Planner

Here are a few of the pages:

Follow the link below to access the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to everyone and ends on October 22nd so get your entries in! The winner will be announced shortly after.

Good luck everyone!!

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45 thoughts on “Blog Planner Giveaway!

  1. If I could travel anywhere in space in time, I would simply use it as a transportation device so I no longer had to sit in a car for hours on end to visit family and friends or go on vacation.

  2. Awesome giveway!! Super excited for it – I adore planners! 🙂

    If I could travel back in time I would definitely go back to the time I lived in Canada. Even though it was tough at first (I barely even spoke English) I just absolutely loved it by the end and it was an amazing 3 years.

  3. Great giveaway, definitely need something as cute as this to keep me organised and on track!

    If I could go anywhere in space and time I would go back and experience the Peace and Love movement of the 60s and 70s!

  4. Ohh, it would be so fun to get organised with that planner!
    If I could go anywhere in space and time it would be the future so I could see what lies ahead. I’m too curious, I need to know what happens at the end! Ha!

  5. That’s a toughie…so many places, so many times…I am not spending time in the past kind of guy, but if I would probably go back in time to see my kids as babies…I know, it’s cheesy, but to see that again…

        • I am! My mom had my brothers 5 years before me in her previous marriage. Then my parents met, sparks flew and they had me! (A good decision if I do say so myself.)

          Being in two places at once would be so cool! Just make sure you don’t interact with anyone!! You would have a “Back to the future” situation!

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