Awkward Unicorns Pt 2 | Awkward Jumping Photos and So Much More

Hi Lovely!!

A few months ago I went over to my dear friend, Kristina‘s house to record a video and take a few outfit photos. Well, we ended up doing nothing with the video and forgot about the photos. On the plus side, we finally remembered that we had the pictures from the day and now I get to share them with you!!! Yay!

You may remember a previous post where Kristina and I got together to take outfit photos (see here). Similar to last time we spent most of the time taking awkward photos (which you now get to enjoy!) First I’ll share a few traditional outfit photos then we can jump into the silly ones with Kristina.

When deciding on what to wear for this I knew that I wanted to wear lots of pastels and something breathable. It was a really warm day and I tend to sweat a lot so.. it was best for everyone for me to wear something lightweight. I settled on my JapanLA My Melody tank top and my cute little pastel purple skirt.


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