Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind

Hi Lovely!

Today I want to talk a bit about travel and wrap up my recap posts I shared all last week. Prior to my study abroad in college I had only been to a few places in the states and a cruise through Mexico. I longed for adventure and wanted to see the world. I knew there was so much to see and learn by putting myself out of my comfort zone.


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Our Holiday Abroad | London

Hi Lovely!

I’m back from my big adventure abroad and I’m so excited to share my journey with you!! Yay!! I’m sorry it took so long!! Life has been hectic and I’m just now getting to editing all of our photos and videos. Better late then never, right?!

The first edition of my travel posts is all about London! I consider London to be my spirit city. I studied abroad in London for five months while in college and fell in love. When Fletch and I decided to go abroad I immediately proposed stopping in London before hand. I was thrilled when Fletch told me he’d love to make the pitstop. Fletch and I had just started dating when I studied abroad and that time away from each other really tested our relationship. Being able to share at least a piece of that experience with Fletch now was pretty special.

So, Fletch and I set off on our big honeymoon, first stopping in London and going on to Italy. In London we stayed in the Hilton at Green Park. It was perfectly located! Right in central London, a five minute walk from Buckingham Palace, and right by a tube stop. Absolutely perfect! We only had two and a half days in London so we tried to cram in as much as we could. I think we did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!

Day One
We arrived in London around 2pm and were at our hotel by 4pm. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel, cleaned up a bit, and went out into the busy streets of London to have a little adventure. As I said, our hotel was really close to a tube station so we grabbed two Oyster cards, to be used during our time in London, and ventured on to Covent Garden to find an adorable Kawaii shop called Art Box.

We had a really hard time finding the shop and wound up happening upon  a really fun Moomin Store. I mean, an entire store devoted to Moomin. I couldn’t believe it!


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Hi Lovely!

In just a day Fletch and I will be in Italy! I can’t believe it! We’ve talked about going on a big trip for years but I never knew if we’d be able to go. Money has always been tight so putting it towards a vacation wasn’t necessarily a priority. That is, until we decided to request money for an awesome honeymoon instead of stuff for our wedding. Once we had a good chunk of change for our trip it was up to us to save up enough to take a trip of a lifetime.


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Travel accessories to keep you organized while traveling

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item from one of the links included in this post I will receive a small compensation which will help support The Cutie Life.fave travel accessories

Hi Lovely!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! I’m excited to be traveling to California to visit my parents for Christmas. I love getting away and spending time with them. Since we don’t live in the same state any excuse for some quality time together sounds good to me.

When it comes to traveling I have a few items that I always bring with me. They are basically my travel go-tos. Inspired by packing for my trip this week I decided to share some of my favorite travel items with you!

Here are my favorite travel accessories to bring along on a trip. The list below is based on the photo above, not the accompanying video.

Backpack – A backpack is awesome for traveling! (I know it might be obvious BUT I had to include it.) I love bringing a backpack because I can keep my valuables in it with me on the plane and I can stuff anything into it that I buy while traveling!
Plastic reusable quart bag – I LOVE my reusable bag. I use it for every trip! I keep my travel-sized items in the bag and the bag inside my suitcase.
Drawstring Bags – I have a cute little pink drawstring bag that I use for my dirty laundry. It is awesome! I keep it folded in the top of my suitcase so I can use it on all of my trips. The link is to a whole set with different designs, so you have options!
♥ Shoe Bag – The above link to the multiple bags includes a bag you can use for shoes BUT I like having different styles of bags to help keep them separate. I mean, more options, right?!
Cute Makeup Bag – I love having a special bag just for my makeup. Again, I love keeping my items organized.
♥ Bunny Drawstring Bag – I like to keep my tights and socks in this bag. I mostly just wanted an excuse for buying a cute bunny bag.
Koala Box – I ADORE this cute little box. I use this little cutie for storing my earrings when traveling. It keeps them organized with its separators and looks super adorable.
Lingerie Bag – I love having a bag for my undies and bras. It keeps them all in the same spot so I don’t lose track of my knickers.
Slippers – I HATE being barefoot. I’m not really sure why but I just do. So, bringing a cute pair of slippers makes any trip feel more like home.
♥ Bag – I like to use my “Hilary” bag to carry all of my bathroom items. My toothbrush, hairbrush, etc. go into this bag and then into my suitcase. It was a gift so I couldn’t find it online but here is something similar.
iPad Mini & iPad Keyboard – I don’t like bringing my laptop with me on trips. I get nervous that something terrible will happen to it. So, I decided to purchase and iPad Mini and I am so glad I did!! It is handy for checking social media, responding to emails, and I can write posts on the go. I purchased the keyboard to assist with all of those duties. It has proven to be a perfect little travel companion for me!
Travel Straightener – I received my travel straightener as a free gift when I purchased a blowdryer and, man, have I loved it!! This little straightener is perfect for me when traveling. It takes care of business and came with a handy little case to prevent it from burning anything.  Score!
External Battery – When I fly I like to watch movies or listen to music. As you know, that drains your battery. So, I keep this handy little external battery with me so I can binge-watch the crap out of Netflix. Yay for technology!
Multi USB Charger Adapter – Bringing a ton of different cords with me when I travel is the worst–they just get annoying. That is why I love my cord that contains different adapters. I can use one cord to charge all of my different pieces of tech and I love that!
USB Wall Charger – As you can tell, I use a lot of different things when I travel technology-wise. I’m hooked. That is why this multiple USB wall charger is so handy! I can charge two things at once!
Pencil Bag – I use a pencil bag to keep all of my chargers organized. I love having all of them in once spot so they are easy to find.

I hope this post gives you some ideas to help you get organized for your travels. What do you use to keep organized while traveling? I’d love to hear about it!!

Want to hear me talk about all of these goodies? Well, I filmed a video!!!!

Love you all!!!

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Emma’s Visit Part 2!

I ‘m still on a friend high from Emma and Charlie’s visit! It was so great seeing them and spending so much time together! You can read all about their first few days visiting right here.

Their third and fourth days were spent being tourists in Portland and Seattle. We headed to Portland Saturday morning. We first hit up the Apple store so I could purchase an iPod without tax. While I didn’t want to spend all that money, I was happy to save some money by shopping tax free. We then ventured over to Cascade Brewery. Emma and Charlie had this as their number one thing to do while in Portland so we had to do it!

We arrived before they opened so Emma decided to snap a few photos.

Emma and Hil at Cascade

This is our band photo. I look kind of angryEmma and Hil band photo

Fletch and I had to snag a photo too.Fletch and Hil at Cascade

Once it was open we eagerly went in to enjoy some yummy tasters! Cascade

After our beer tasting we went off for a little shopping. While out Emma and I found a shirt that we both loved and had to have. Be on the lookout for a “How I Styled” collab soon!

Matching shirtAfter shopping we enjoyed ice cream from the scrumptious Salt and Straw. If you are ever in Portland you should definitely stop by!

Salt and Straw

Ice cream smiles

Ice cream

We spent most of Saturday shopping and eating which is a perfect Saturday, in my opinion.

Sunday was our fun day in Seattle!! We got a ton of fun touristy activities done in our one day. We visited the Fremont Troll, did some shopping at the Fremont Street Market, visited Pike Place Market, grabbed coffee from the first ever Starbucks, ate oysters, took photos in front of the gum wall, and Emma and Charlie got a few selfies in front of the Space Needle. Such a jam packed day!

first starbucks

First ever Starbucks.

oyster on a cracker

My first attempt at eating oysters. You can read about my experience eating oysters for the first time here.

Sorry for the lack of photos! I didn’t take too many.

Our last day together was spent eating delicious breakfast and getting tattoos! Nothing cements a friendship like getting tattoos together! I got the little stars from the Harry Potter books. It represents my love for reading, writing, and basically all things nerdy.


Overall it was a wonderful visit. I absolutely loved seeing Emma and really enjoyed getting to know her even better. Please go check out her blog, Behind the Leopard Glasses, and support her. She is wonderful and I love her!

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