Sway Card Game Review and Giveaway!!

Hi Lovely!

I recently had a game night with a few friends and it was really fun! It’s been ages since I had a game night and it was really nice being able to just hang out and have enjoy each other’s company. Plus, it was perfect timing because I just received a new game!! The people over at Sway recently contacted me to try out their game.
You argue the pro’s to different topics while completing a challenge. For example, I had to explain the pro’s of the sixties while talking like a robot. I was nervous because typically I don’t like debating but this didn’t feel like a debate. You just had to think of positives to things like a Canadian tuxedo and hope that your argument is better than whoever you were up against in that round.
It was REALLY fun! I haven’t laughed that hard since the first time I played Cards Against Humanity. The great part about Sway? Well, you don’t feel dirty after playing like you might with CAH. It’s just good, clean fun.
I’m telling all of you this because I genuinely liked it. I look forward to playing it again, hopefully in the near future.

Now for the fun part! The awesome people over at Sway sent me an extra game to giveaway!!! YAY! I’m so excited to share the game with you all!!! Be sure to enter below for your chance to win your very own copy of Sway.

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