Looking cute while melting

Hi Lovely!

Last weekend was a hot one! The temperature got all the way up to 93 degrees and I did my best to dress accordingly. So, I busted out my cute ice cream cami dress. What I love about this dress is that it is stretchy, light-weight, and semi-cool (as cool as you can be in 93 degree weather). I have a hard time in warm weather. The heat makes me sweat a lot which makes me uncomfortable, emotionally and physically, so feeling cute when the temperature rises is a regular challenge. I mean, being comfortable in my own skin when I can cover it is hard enough. Combine exposing most of your body to the equation and you have a situation filled with self doubt and uneasiness. So, finding a dress that keeps me cool and makes me feel good about myself is a pretty special thing.

retro ice cream

Outfit DetailsNEW

♥ Sunglasses | ModCloth ♥ Dress| H&M ♥ Shoes | Nordstrom ♥

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My Transition To Summer

Hi Lovely!

One thing I hate about the changing seasons is figuring out how to transition my winter wardrobe into summer. I literally have to pack away a huge portion of my clothing once it warms up because it’s too hot to wear during the summer. We must accept it, which I do, BUT when it cools down for a minute I like to bust out my clothes that won’t see the light of day for months if only for a moment. This little number is one of those pieces. Too thick for summer but add a pair of tights and BAM it’s great for winter.

pink shift dress

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress | Dorothy Perkins ♥ Shoes | Nordstrom ♥ Purse | ASOS ♥

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Trying New Things | Products That Prevent Thigh Rub

Hello Lovely!

Today I am sharing a few products that I recently tried in an attempt to prevent thigh rub. Summer is right around the corner and I want to make sure I am prepared. No more thigh rashes. I’m done! I want to be released from the pain that plagues me summer after summer. So, I set off on a quest to rid my thighs of future irritation. I tried three different products in an attempt at finding my holy grail of thigh rub glory. Now, let’s get to it.

Products that prevent thigh rub FIN


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Feelin’ cute in my first JapanLA purchase!

Hi Lovely!

I’ve been eyeing products from JapanLA for a very long time but could never pull the trigger. Their products are ridiculously cute but a bit pricey. I never found anything that I felt comfortable spending money on. That is, until I saw this cute My Melody tank top! It was in their sale section so it was just the right price and too cute to pass up.

JapanLA tank top

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Top: JapanLA♥ Skirt: H&M ♥ Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory ♥ Purse: Ross ♥

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Twinning: how we styled our best blog friend tops

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am sharing how I styled my super cute shirt I bought while Emma was visiting!! (You can read all about her visit here and here.) We ended up finding a shirt that we both loved in a Portland boutique so we decided to both buy it! I mean, why the heck not?! We’ve now decided that these matching tops are our best blog friend tops. How fun is that?!

how I styled it

Emma and I trying on the cute top we found

So now I am sharing how I styled it!! Emma and I have different styles so I was excited to see how we both wear this adorable top. I decided to stick to my usual go-to look. I paired it with a cute skirt and fun shoes!

how I styled itI also decided to wear the best friend necklace that Emma and I both have. It’s a hanger for our love of fashion! Best blogger friends forever!! Yay!

how I styled shirt and skirt

Look at the detail in this shirt?! The sleeves have cute little buttons on them and the front has matching details.

shirt detail

I love this shirt because it is simple with little details, like the ones I just described, that makes it really pop. Perfect for a casual weekend or to rock at work. Plus, it was on sale!! Emma and I just couldn’t pass it up.

big smiles

You can see Emma’s styling of the top right HERE! What do you think? How would you wear it?

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Shirt: Sloan Boutique ♥ Skirt: H&M ♥Purse: Forever 21 ♥ Shoes: B.A.I.T.
♥ Necklace: Forever 21 ♥

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