How to create PinWorthy Images + Mini Tutorial

Hello Lovely!

Today my wonderful friend Diana is sharing some of her knowledge with you! Get ready to learn how to create awesome PinWorthy images to help drive more traffic to your site! Yay!

Investing in a Pinterest marketing strategy was one of the best things I could do for my blog, why? Because you get traffic long after your post has been published!

Of course, the key to getting your images repinned can be hard for most people – with these tips you’ll soon be getting your images repinned in no time!

1. Make sure your images are the right size

I can’t tell you how many bloggers make that mistake. Either their images are too small or too short. Pinterest favors TALL IMAGES. This means that you need to make sure that your images are the right size.

pinterest images are tall

Take a look at this example, notice anything in particular? All of these images are attention grabbing, and they are the perfect proportion.

According to Pinterest, the best aspect ratio for Pinterest images is between 2:3 and 1:3.5, with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

That means that:
A 2:3 aspect ratio could be
 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall
 800 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels tall

2. Have an attention grabbing headline

What does this mean? Think about it this way, what would you click on : A delicious cake recipe, OR Make a delicious cake in 15 minutes or less! (With just 3 ingredients!) People don’t want to pin boring titles – just like they don’t want to see a huge “snippet”of your post. Your photo headline will make all the difference between someone being really interested in what they can learn from you, or someone just simply scrolling past your photo.

3. Your photos matter, choose nice ones

Pinterest is filled with many gorgeous photos, these photos have been edited to look their best – whether it’s with a filter, a photoshop action, or it’s a stock photo that has been purchased by the blogger. Post only your best photos. This is important. You have to stand out from a sea of gorgeous photos. Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t have expensive software, there’s no way I can compete!” I’ll let you in on a little secret, there are many sites where you can get gorgeous photos for FREE and there’s an amazing site where you can edit those photos at.

Get amazing free photos here
1. Unsplash
2. Death to the stock photo

Edit your photos here
1. Canva

How to make a Pinterest graphic using Canva

step 1

Open up Canva and click, “Make a new graphic”. You’ll see that they have tons of options for social media posts. Click on PINTEREST GRAPHIC.

2. Upload your own photo. I used a photo from death to the stock photo or you can use any photo that you have. Make sure that it’s a nice photo meaning it’s bright, and not dark.

step 2

3. Now go to TEXT, we will need to add some text to our photo! Canva has some great FREE options, they are templates that you can easily manipulate. I chose a simple one. I didn’t like the color, so to edit the color simply click on the circle and there should be a color pallete. Choose the color you want! In this case, I chose pink.

step 4

4. After I chose pink, I quickly clicked on “Add Text” and entered in the text. Voila! You’re done. Of course, you can choose a different color, I think black and white would have matched this picture perfectly… but I wanted to make it pop with the color pink.

step 5

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this tutorial! For more tips on how to improve your blog + Graphic design tutorials follow me on twitter at : . You can visit my wordpress website at :

about diana

Thank you Diana for sharing your wisdom with us!! I know I learned a lot!

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Pin of the Week: Adorable Totoro!!!

Hello Beautifuls!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time cruising the internet searching for wedding ideas. It takes a lot of time. So I decided to allow myself time to look at fun, geeky things that I love. That is when I came across some adorable Totoro stuff!!


Totoro bed

Totoro poster


This makes me want to watch My Neighbor Totoro so badly!!! This was an amazing distraction and it was exactly what I needed.

How do you procrastinate?


Pin of the Week: Kindness is like coffee

First you should know that I love coffee.
If you want to get on the express route to my heart simply give me a white mocha americano with cream and I am yours!
With that in mind, I am sharing a fun little image I found on Pinterest.

Fill your cup!

So true!!
If you would like to save this for yourself click the image to pin it!

Have a wonderful day!


Pin of the Week: Find Joy in the Ordinary

Today I thought I would share some simple yet powerful words.

Find Joy

I find that a common theme on my blog is finding joy in the everyday.
When I found this on Pinterest I thought it would be perfect to share.
If you begin to see the joy and beauty around you it will lead to being happier.
Click the above image to pin it for yourself!

Have an amazing day and remember to smile!


Pin of the Week: DIY Bunting

Hello Lovelies!
Today’s Pin of the Week I am sharing a DIY Bunting project I did, inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest!


I found a pin that was a gold glitter bunting. I originally thought it may be cute for the wedding but then decided to create something that will be more festive for the holidays.
This is a project that is super easy and produces a really fun product.

Here is what you need:
Large Craft Punch
Fun Paper
Small Hole Punch

Here we go!!
First off, use your large craft punch to cut out a ton of circles from your paper.

Bunting Circles

Now, cut your circles in half.


Almost done! Go ahead and punch holes on both sides of your half circles.

Holes for string

Last step! I know you can hardly wait!
Thread your string through the half circles.

Threading half circles

Now hang it up wherever you want!!

DIY Bunting Project

You are done!

Do you have any fun crafts you completed recently? I would love to hear about it!
Click here to pin this for yourself!