Awkward Unicorns Pt 2 | Awkward Jumping Photos and So Much More

Hi Lovely!!

A few months ago I went over to my dear friend, Kristina‘s house to record a video and take a few outfit photos. Well, we ended up doing nothing with the video and forgot about the photos. On the plus side, we finally remembered that we had the pictures from the day and now I get to share them with you!!! Yay!

You may remember a previous post where Kristina and I got together to take outfit photos (see here). Similar to last time we spent most of the time taking awkward photos (which you now get to enjoy!) First I’ll share a few traditional outfit photos then we can jump into the silly ones with Kristina.

When deciding on what to wear for this I knew that I wanted to wear lots of pastels and something breathable. It was a really warm day and I tend to sweat a lot so.. it was best for everyone for me to wear something lightweight. I settled on my JapanLA My Melody tank top and my cute little pastel purple skirt.


Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Shirt | JapanLA ♥ Skirt | Amazon ♥ Shoes | Bait FootwearCatpuccino Pin | Linda Panda ♥ Macaron Earrings | me ♥
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Feeling magical in my unicorn top!

Hi Lovely!

A few weeks ago I hung out with a few fellow bloggers! We got together to take photos for each other’s blogs. It is so nice to be able to help each other out. I’ve been thinking a lot about community and sisterhood lately (you may have noticed the trend) and I love that I’ve found an awesome group of ladies that like to get together and help one another out. Having friends to take outfit photos with, especially out in public, makes the experience a lot more fun. It is really easy to feel a bit awkward in front of the camera but when you have friends cheering you on and making you laugh makes it way easier.

skirt outfit

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Shirt: Forever 21♥ Skirt: Wet Seal ♥ Shoes: H&M ♥ Purse: ASOS ♥

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Rescuing dresses from my closet

Hi Lovely!

With the big move behind me I decided that I needed to wear something bright and fun. So, I wore a pink, long-sleeve dress to work that has been sitting in my closet for far too long. My co-workers all complimented it and asked if it was new. The compliments made me feel pretty darn good (but the questions about it being new made me feel guilty for letting the little beauty sit in my closet). I totally get in the habit of wearing the same few outfits over and over again and let others just sit sadly in the dark. It isn’t very fair to all of my pretty dresses!

pink dress style

winter dress style

new space

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress: OASAP ♥ Shoes: Aldo ♥ Glasses: Bonlook ♥

I want to make more of an effort at switching up my outfits. I am going to switch around my hangers and when I wear a dress I will switch it back. That way you can see what is getting worn and what might need more love. I tried this once before and it helped me get rid of a few things. Now it is time for a second attempt!

How do you make sure you actually wear everything in your closet? I’d love tips!

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Lace for days

Hi Lovely!

I hope this post finds you doing well! Today I am sharing one of my all time favorite ModCloth purchases.  I snagged this little beauty on sale like two years ago and have loved it ever since. I love the feminine details. This dress is covered in lace, has a peter pan collar, and is pink! I mean, what else could you want?!

pink lace dress

close up of purse

laughing pink lace dress

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress: ModCloth ♥ Cardigan: ModCloth ♥ Purse: ASOS ♥ Shoes: B.A.I.T. (similar) ♥

When styling this dress I like to stick to grey tights and a grey cardigan. I like to let the dress stand out on its own. I also tend to pair it with pearls to give it a classic feel.

What are your go-to accessories?

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I can wear pink any day of the week!

Hello Lovely!

I am so excited to share one of my latest purchases! I found this dress thanks to the amazing Kate Gabrielle. She was rocking it in one of her recent outfit posts and I clicked over to see how much it costs to find it was on sale! WHAAT? I bought it immediately. I was super duper shift dress

I love rocking this adorable pink shift dress with and without a belt. It is cute both ways!

close up of purseThis will have to be a strictly winter dress due to the quilted, thick fabric. I love that it keeps me warm but once the temperature goes above fifty-five degrees it will be waay too hot.

pink styleFor now I shall rock the crap out of this adorable little dress because it is just too cute to let sit in a closet.

happy fashion

Do you have any pieces that you wish you could wear all year long but can’t? Do you feel my pain?!

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress: Dorothy Perkins ♥ Shoes: H&M ♥ Purse: ModCloth ♥

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