Cookie Cuteness from New York

Hello Lovely!

Today I want to tell you about some yummy macarons!! The Macaron Cafe reached out to me and offered to send a few of their macarons to me, and I never say no to macarons. So, they arrived a few days later and I couldn’t wait to dive into them. I was worried that they wouldn’t make the journey. Macaron Cafe is located in New York and I wasn’t sure how they were going to ensure their safe arrival. Upon opening up the shipping box I learned that I  had nothing to worry about. They were packaged with several cold packs to make sure they didn’t melt. I pulled out the adorable box you see below and instantly became giddy.

Macaron Cafe Box I mean, look at the adorable box! I opened up the Macaron Cafe box and was even more excited to find some adorable macarons.

Macaron Cafe macaronsOne of the macarons has sprinkles! WHAT?! That is amazing! I describe them as cute and scrumptious (two of my favorite things)!

MacaronsI seriously couldn’t wait to eat one. I carefully analyzed the set (not really) and chomped down!!


They are so good! Not only did they travel across the country but they maintained their adorableness and delicious taste. Fletch said these were his favorite macarons yet (Bold statement, I know).

Overall I would say that these macarons from Macaron Cafe were amazing! I give them two thumbs up! If you are ever in New York or have a hankering for macarons I definitely suggest checking them out. After you do, be sure to send me a photo of you enjoying them.

What is your favorite macaron flavor?

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