What I’ve Been Up To Lately!

Hello Lovely!

I haven’t been updating you on what I’ve been up to much lately (sorry about that :/). I’ve been doing pretty well at sharing photos from my adventures on Instagram but, in case you’ve missed them, here is a nice roundup on what’s been going on with little ole’ me! Warning: this will be photo heavy!

California Trip

July was a crazy month! I went to California to visit my mom and dad for the first weekend of the month. It was wonderful taking a little break from Washington and getting to spend time with my family. Fletch and I even went to the beach!

Vegas Trip

The next weekend I was off to Vegas! I met up with the wonderful Rosie, Tez, and Karen. We had a great time walking around, grabbing drinks, and enjoying the area. I felt like I was melting basically everyday, so I could have done without the heat.

Dashboard Confessional Concert

Towards the end of July, Dashboard Confessional came to my area and I knew I HAD to go. Fletch was super sweet and tagged along. I had an amazing time! Fletch’s friend, Shawn, was touring with the band and took us backstage after the show for a private performance. It was AMAZING!! Yes that is me with Chris Carrabba!
dashboard recap

Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival

You may know by now that I like basically anything that could be considered cute. With that little nugget of knowledge it is probably no surprise that I went to the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival. I had a great time hanging out with my friend Chinda and her friends. You can read a brief little recap here on Sub-Cultured, a blog I contribute to.

Hello Kitty recap

Hello Kitty

Renegade Craft Fair

I’ve known about Renegade Craft for a while now. I always wanted to go but they never came close enough to me. That is why when I heard they were making a stop in Seattle I made it a priority to go! I love supporting small businesses so craft fairs are pretty much my favorite. I met the wonderful Brianna of Little Arrow which was really awesome after chatting on Instagram. I found a few other really awesome shops named Thousand Skies, Monster Songs, and Pepper-Tea.

Renegade Craft

Fall Out Boy Concert

Another amazing experience that happened in the last month or so was going to the Fall Out Boy concert!!! I have an ongoing list of bands I want to see live and Fall Out Boy was the last of my epic list. (That would be a good blog post. My concert dream list along with photos! Alright I will definitely write that later.) Anywho, I went to see Fall Out Boy and had a great time. I stood in line with my friend, Rachel, for almost an hour which was good because while standing there two people from Click 98.9 gave us their tickets so we moved from the general lawn seats to close up seats. YES! We were there so early that we were able to get into the beer garden, grab a table, and chill for like 45minutes. We then went and enjoyed the show from our $70 seats and afterward we hit the restroom where I found $9 in a bathroom stall! I felt guilty for taking the potty money but everyone in the bathroom told me to take it. I still felt guilty so I had Rachel take the money which she later gifted back to me. No negative karma, right? The evening was a night to remember and totally worth the 10+ years I’ve waited to see them!

fall out boy recap

So that is what has been going on with me!! Things have been crazy busy and I’ve loved every minute of it!!! I feel so very fortunate to be able to do so many fun things with so many wonderful people.

What have you been up to?

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