Why you don’t need to see “Jurassic World” in theaters


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Hello you awesome person you!

I care about you which is why I feel I need to warn you about Jurassic World. If you want to see a good movie go see Inside Out and skip Jurassic World. It can wait for Red Box. I recently went to see Jurassic World on the big screen and let me tell you, not the best thing I’ve see so far this year. The story was alright, the dialogue okay, and visually didn’t meet the awe-inspiring experience of its predecessor, Jurassic Park. Here are a few of the small details that really frustrated me about the movie (warning: there are a few spoilers).

Here is the basic plot. Claire works for the park at a higher level position. When Owen, the velociraptor trainer, goes to visit their latest dinosaur creation, they find the dino missing from it’s cage. Of course Claire’s nephews, Gray and Zach, just happen to be visiting during this time and when everything goes to hell they are out in the midst of the action.

Detail related issues that make me annoyed:

  • Gray never wound his Diana mini camera. It is a film camera and he just keeps snapping away like some digital thing!
  • Claire started with straight hair in the morning and it some how became beautifully wavy after the excitement occurs.
  • Claire ran through the grass and mud and somehow managed to keep her nude shoes clean and intact.
  • Claire managed to run super fast, faster than a T-Rex, in those same nude high heels.
  • The biggest problem I have is that they built the park even though they knew they shouldn’t mess with dinosaurs. We should learn from past mistakes instead of allowing tons of people to die from freakin’ dinosaurs!
  • Lastly, and the biggest spoiler, the mosasaur in the giant water tank breaks over the barrier of its enclosure to eat the scary, bad dinosaur. If it could break the barrier, why wouldn’t it have broken it sooner to eat humans?

Overall I give this movie a big shoulder shrug. This is a big dinosaur movie that falls a bit flat on the story and dialogue. It isn’t terrible but it isn’t great either.

So there you have it. My thoughts about Jurassic World. Did you see the movie? If you did, what did you think?

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