April Love List


Hello Lovelies!!!!
I am here with another episode of my monthly love list!!! I LOVE doing these because it gives me an opportunity to share work from some amazing bloggers BUT it gives you a better idea about me! So, lets get to it!

I love this inspirational post by Anastasia Amour! You are worthy of extraordinary love! Always remember that.

I really enjoyed this post by Jenn of Hellorigby! She treated her mom to a pampering and shared a pretty cool campaign.

5 ways to communicate that will earn you respect. I could use that!

I love this photo series featuring Briar Rose. She is too cute!

I totally related to this post by Diana of Diana’s Adventures about her experience studying abroad.

My super amazing friend, Jenny, modeled for Avenle and I loved looking at photos from the shoot.

I loved reading this tag Katie of Plus+ Beauty wrote!

So there are a few of my favorite posts from the past month!  I really hope you take a moment to check them out and show some love to these amazing bloggers.

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March Love List


Its time for another edition of my monthly Love List!! There are a lot of “tip” centered posts so get ready for some inspiration! Enjoy and be sure to tell me which ones you loved the most!

I love this post by Anastasia Amour! She shares 5 positive body image experts and they are all awesome ladies.

I met Nicole of Writes Like a Girl at Texas Style Council and I will be honest. I knew I would like you immediately. She is an AWESOME person and this outfit post shows how adorable she is. Check out her blog and show her some love.

Olivia of What Olivia Did shares some tips on feeling confident.

I am always looking for tips on how to improve my blog so I was excited with Dana of Wonder Forest shared these tips for a successful blog.

Brittany of Invasion of Personal Space is amazing. She is kind, thoughtful, and all around wonderful. I really appreciate her honesty about the first few months of motherhood with this post titled, The Fog.

I adore this post from The Appreciation Factor on feeling awesome. It is very thoughtout and provides some great tips!

I can’t help it.. Nicole has too many good posts! So here are 3 tips to make you feel better now!

Lastly, a post by Ladybird Likes where she shares books to inspire you!

I hope you enjoy these posts!!

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February Love List

Love-List-imageHello Lovelies!

It is time for February’s Love List! Woo! Get excited!

I love this post from Autumn Leaves. She shares some free apps that all bloggers should be using. Be sure to check it out!

Victim to Charm shares the issues of the manic pixie dream girl trope in this awesome post.

MJ Valentine shares how to handle complex arguments. I think I needed to read this.

I love this outfit post by What Olivia Did featuring a Miss Patina dress. So cute!

This post by Lily Melrose offers ideas to help keep you motivated as a blogger.

This is one of my favorite illustrators! Be sure to check out her work and follow her on Instagram.

I love this outfit post from The Soubrette Brunette. So cute!!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s love list! Have a great day!

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You are a go getter!

110914 You are a go getter

Sometimes I need a little reminder when I’m feeling down to really jump-start me. A good quote or image has the ability to make me feel refreshed and ready for action. That is what this image did for me. I am a good lookin’ go getter! I have the ability to make my own destiny! I determine my future (and I look good while doing it!)

You are a good lookin’ go getter too! Don’t forget it. Now get out there and do something!
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How to create a blog mood board!

Hello Lovelies!

From time to time I find myself not feeling satisfied with my blog. I want to do more and I want to make it more consistent with the look and feel.  I decided to create a mood board for my blog because I thought it would be a good way to have a more tangible reminder of what I want it to look like.

Mood BoardInterested in trying it out for yourself? This is what I did!

The first step is to get a board. I decided on a cork board because I liked the idea of being able to change things around and add things as I find them. I bought my cork board from Target and also picked up some cute push pins that would add to the overall look of my board.

Cork board

After I had my board I needed to decide on what I needed to include on my mood board.

This is the fun part! I did some hunting around on the internet to get inspired. Here are the questions I asked myself.
1. What are my main colors?
2. What type of photography do I want to include?
3. What type of style am I going for?
4. What blogs inspire me?
5. What are the emotions I hope to evoke?

I broke my mood board up into those sections and found images that corresponded with what I wanted for my blog.

I printed the photos out at home then cut them out. I laid the board out on my coffee and began laying out the photos to see what fit best. I used those cute little push pins to hold my photos in place and viola! All done!

My desk space

I now have my board hanging above my desk so I am constantly reminded of what I want for my blog.

What do you do to stay inspired?

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