Trying New Things | Glassblowing

Hi Lovely!

I am very excited to share a recent new experience! I tried out glass blowing! I’ve never tried anything like it before. Basically, you have an experienced artist there to help you make your piece of art. You choose the piece, the style, and the colors. Then you get to work.

You heat the glass, roll it around, heat it up, etc. At some point you add the color. To be honest it all is a little bit of a blur. It’s hard balancing making something and not burning yourself.

glass blowing






IMG_7391 copy

I made an adorable pink and white bowl. Check it out!

glass bowl

So, what was my final thought? We go now to the Hilary Scale.The Hilary Scale

my opinion

Loved it! It was definitely a fun experience. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a fun activity. Plus, you get a fun souvenir! The one down side is that it is a little pricey. Maybe save it for a special occasion.

I went to Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. The artists were awesome and made the experience a ton of fun. Be sure to check them out if you live in the area!

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