“Girl Rising”

Girl Rising

I felt compelled to share about a documentary I recently watched. It is called, “Girl Rising” and it features the stories of several young girls around the world.

This documentary is absolutely amazing. It was eye-opening. I will admit, I cried. I cried a lot. So many girls are suffering. They don’t have access to education and because of that they are more likely to be married off by the age of 13. If these girls are able to go to school they will get married later, have less children later in life, and they will encourage their children to go to school.

Something I took for granted all my life; an education. I used to complain about school all the time and these children are risking their lives to get an education.

If you have time I urge you to please watch this documentary (it is currently on Netflix). If you are as moved as I was, I hope you will think about donating to their cause.

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