What really matters

Hi Lovely!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! I spent Saturday hanging out with some of my super-awesome blogger friends for a Galentine’s celebration. Sunday I had the most scrumptious lunch with my incredible friends, Cate and Luke. I’m so glad I had a chance to spend time with such lovely people.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to get the highest quality out of life and I’ve come to a realization. The things we remember in the end aren’t how many cars we had or how big our closet was, it will be the people we spent time with. The moments we cherished each and every day. 


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Giving thanks to my friends

Hi Lovely!

I hope you’re having an amazing day!! I’ve been reflecting on friendships a bit lately which got me to thinking. Friends come into our lives at random times and we never know just how they will impact our lives.

In the last year or so I’ve become close to people I’ve happened to meet via blogging or social media. People I never would have met if it weren’t for the magic of the internet. I’ve talked about it before but meeting people as an adult is really difficult and blogging has basically been my main source of meeting people.

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My handmade skirt from Kristina!!!

Hi Lovely!

Today I want to share this cute skirt handmade by my amazing friend, Kristina of The Eyre Effect!!! I had told her how I wanted a cute skirt and she graciously offered to make me one if I brought her fabric. Of course I immediately went to pick out fabric and decided on this cute fox fabric. She was so sweet to make it even though I know she is super busy. When I saw the final product I was in awe. It’s so cute!! I absolutely adore my new skirt and I’m so thankful that she spent the time to make it for me. The fact that Kristina made it makes it even more special. Her friendship is so incredibly important to me and this cute little skirt is a representation of that relationship.


Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Shirt | ModCloth ♥ Skirt | c/o Kristina ♥ Tights | Fred Meyers ♥ Shoes | Aldo ♥

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Finding friendship as an adult

Hi Lovely!

Sorry I’m posting this a day late! The time I typically use to write on Sunday I used to finish up a gift for Fletch. It’s almost our 2nd wedding anniversary and I really needed to get it finished. So, your weekly inspiration is a day late but I think you’ll enjoy it! Let’s talk about adult friendships.

I’ve recently made a few new friends which got me to thinking about how difficult it can be to meet new people. Back in school it was easier. I was around a lot of people and could easily convince someone to put off studying for a quick coffee or Target date.I’ve been out of school for a few years now and  I’ve found it to be way more difficult to meet people.
friendship as an adult

Now that I’m an adult (which is weird to think about), I’ve found that I meet most people from work, mutual friends, or through social media. I know it can be really difficult meeting people. Truthfully, a lot of my current friends are people I met through blogging/being active on Instagram. My wonderful friend, Kristina, and I met after connecting online. Same with my friend, Kelsey.

I’m amazed at the friendships I’ve made over the last few years. I’ve done so many cool things and made so many memories with people that I met through social media. I love meeting people and making new friends and I would definitely say that it has been the best part of blogging.

It can be really intimidating to try and move a work or internet friendship into real life. It’s that fear of rejection. For me, I constantly worry that I’m more invested in the relationship then the other person. In some situations I am but when I find someone that is just as excited for grabbing coffee as I am, well, it’s worth putting myself out there.

I know making friends online is scary and maybe it isn’t your bag. A few years ago it wasn’t mine either! So, I came up with a few ideas for meeting new people (and I’m including a few internet options too).

  1. Try out a cooking class!
  2. Attend a trivia event
  3. search Facebook for local groups
  4. Start having real conversations with the people you already interact with. I met my friend, Sarah, because she was a barista at a coffee shop I frequented. All it took was us frequently updating each other about our lives for us to start hanging out.
  5. Interact with people on your social media. I’ve made friends with people I thought I’d never get to be friends with thanks to Instagram. It’s made it so much easier to keep up with each other even though we might live in different states (or countries).

So there you go! Hopefully they work out for you. Never forget that you always have a friend right here! You are an awesome individual and anyone would be lucky to call you friend.

Love you all!

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Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.

Hi Lovely!

It’s weird with some friendships. You can go for months without seeing each other but once you’re back together or chatting on the phone it’s like no time has passed. I’m fortunate enough to have many amazing friends sprinkled all over the world. A large part of that is thanks to blogging. I’ve met so many wonderful people and, unfortunately, I don’t get to see them all very often.

good friends


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