Our Holiday Abroad | Florence and The Cinque Terre

Hi Lovely!

This is the third edition of my travel recap! I shared about our adventure in London and our time in Venice and now it’s time to chat about Florence! We spent three nights in Florence so let’s get into the day to day.

Day One
We arrived in Florence via train and got a bit lost trying to find our hotel. It was a very hot day and lugging our luggage through the city was less than ideal. It was a ten minute walk that turned into a 30 minute adventure when we got turned around. We eventually found our hotel and decided to have a little rest in the room to cool down. I feel like there isn’t much protection from the heat in Italy and the best place to find an AC was our hotel. After cooling down we ventured out to find my new favorite store, Flying Tiger. It’s like a mix of Daiso and IKEA. So cute! We then grabbed dinner and turned in.

hotel roof

Our hotel’s rooftop!

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