Bantam Businesses: Jordandené

Hello Beautiful!
I hope you are having a swell day! If not, you will after I share this awesome store with you!! Allow me to introduce you to Jordan of Jordandené. I met Jordan on Instagram, like most of my friends lately. I saw her fantastic shirts and knew I needed to have one, or maybe all of them. She basically had a top to correspond with all of my different geeky joys. You can feel the love in each and every item she makes. The combination of her love for pop-culture and practicality combine to make something really special. Now, let’s meet Jordan!
Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself?
A: I’m Jordan Dené Ellis, and I run Jordandené (now you can see where the name came from!). I’ve been bouncing around Brooklyn for the last six years and am now settled in a cute little apartment above a bakery. I worked as a nanny when I first moved to New York, and I really needed a creative outlet to fit in with all of my artsy friends. I learned how to sew in middle school, so I got a cheap sewing machine from Amazon and a few patterns and opened an Etsy shop. I was lucky enough to marry a really great designer who has helped me with every bit of branding, web development, and design along the way.
Q: What has been most rewarding about owning your own business?
A: The most rewarding part of the business so far has been meeting and working with so many amazing people. I’ve gotten involved with such great communities online and in person, and I’ve made a ton of lifelong friends who are doing really cool things.
Jordan at work
Q: What is your favorite part of making your products?
A: My favorite part of making products is seeing my customers’ reactions when they find something they truly love. The messages and comments I get from people who are so excited to take home something I’ve made is so rewarding. Other than that, I love choosing the color combinations for all of my screen printing projects.
Q: When not making super sweet nerd-related clothing for the entire family, how do you spend your time?
A: When I’m not working, I’m probably binge watching every TV show or throwing awesome themed parties. I also really love playing board games and drinking craft beer.
Q: What is your favorite dessert?
A: I’d have to say my favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake.
I had so much fun getting to know Jordan and I hope you did too! Jordan is so excited to meet you that she is providing a 25% off coupon for all of you!! WHAAAT? I know! She is so wonderful! Use code CUTIECAMERAS25 for 25% off everything on her site! The coupon is good through the rest of 2015!
Thank you to Jordan for making amazing products and being so stinkin’ lovely. I can’t wait to see what else you do with your spectacular store!
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I have a confession…

I have a confession to make. This isn’t an easy one to make. It is a little embarrassing and some will laugh or mock me. But, regardless of the repercussions, I feel compelled to share.

I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

There. I said it. Go ahead and laugh. I don’t even care. I love that darn show. Shutterfly, Rainbow Dash and the gang all brighten my day and always manage to teach me some type of life lesson (usually about friendship). I am what people in the fandom call a pegasister. Look it up.


I find the show to be well written, entertaining, funny, and it teaches great values. Some may say I am too old for the show but to them I ask, have you ever even watched it? If not then I recommend you do. Somehow this show has bridged the gap between age and gender to connect with people of all kinds. That is pretty darn special.

It makes me really sad to hear that guys get judged and even bullied because of their love for My Little Pony. I would much rather date a guy that watched a show about kindness and friendship then a dude that plays violent video games where they beat up hookers and kill people. Is that just me?

I mean seriously. We say “boys will be boys” when men watch violent movies or show acts of aggression but if they show any type of compassion they are called a little girl and made fun of. How does that make any sense? We have constructed gender roles for both women and men and then criticize people who don’t fit into our beautifully packaged gender boxes. News flash: gender isn’t black and white. It is linear. It is a continuum. You may lean one way or the other, but no one is strictly “male” or “female”.

Sorry for the rant for a second. I recently watched a documentary on the “brony” phenomenon and it really opened my eyes to the lack of societal acceptance towards men who enjoy My Little Pony. 

But I digress. I really enjoy the show and get excited when I see young girls who love the ponies. Most television shows aimed at young kids involve teen stars or kids getting into crazy shenanigans. It makes me really happy that there is a show out there that demonstrates the power of friendship. My Little Pony is an excellent show for all ages and I really hope you give it a chance.


P.s. interested in watching the documentary on bronies? You can watch it on Netflix. Below is the trailer.