November Wish List

Hello Lovelies!

It is time again for a wish list!

November Wish List

1. Ebay/Alpaca stuffed animals!  *  2. Barnes and Noble/ “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler *  3. Miss Patina/Boudoir Shirt * 4.  Etsy/Macaron Bracelet *  5. Plasticland/Marshmallow mugs  *  6. Modcloth/Sea-son to Snuggle USB Foot Warmers  *  7. Etsy/Peter Pan collar  *  8. Fab/S’mores Heated Pillow *  9. Sugarhill Boutique/Unicorn Dress

What have you been wanting? You know, Christmas is just around the corner!

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October Wish List!

Hello Lovelies!

It is the beginning of the month which means it is wish list time!!

October Wish List

1. Modcloth/Femme Finesse Top  *  2. Modcloth/Either Or Dress in Pink  *  3. Thug Life/I Am A Delicate Flower  * 4.  Etsy/Needle Felted Ewok  *  5. Modcloth/Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers  *  6. Etsy/Camera Locket  *  7. Modcloth/Wine Appreciation Sweater  *  8. Modcloth/He Goes to Eleven Mug  *  9. Modcloth/Gussied Up Gal Sweater  *  10. Modcloth/Collar Me Lovely Sweater 11. Etsy/Octopus Plushi  *  12. Modcloth/Crust Be Dreaming USB Hand Warmers

I’ve recently bought quiet a few dresses so my attention for this wish list is aimed mostly at cute stuff and adorable sweaters now that it is getting chilly. I love this Wine Appreciation Sweater and would pair it with my adorable black H&M skirt.

I want that delicate flower because people usually say I am small and petite and I think it would throw people off of their game.

Overall I LOVE all of these items and, if I could, I would buy each and every thing! That wood camera locket is AMAZING and would look cute with so many things!! UGHH!

If only I had a huge income and could afford all the things.

Are there any pieces you have been eyeing online? Tell me about it! 🙂


Time Traveling Tuesday: The Day We Met Lily

It was my 23rd birthday. We were getting Lily from my amazing friend, Amber, and I couldn’t wait. Amber had sent me a photo of an adorable puppy sitting in its food dish. I knew it was meant to be my fur-baby. Amber and her boyfriend, Kyle, walk into our apartment with their dog, Abbey, and a kennel filled with tiny little puppies. Letting them out and seeing them run across hardwood floor was possibly the cutest thing ever.

Lily was just a little bundle of skin. She was so little.

Lily and Fletch


Lily and Hil

We met Lily and loved her instantly. We were so excited to have her as a member of our family and I think she was excited too. She grew very attached to us quickly. She had to sit in our laps on the couch, in the car, and lay on top of us in the bed. That is still the case today.

I love coming home to Lily. She is always excited to see me and gives me lots of kisses. We go for walks, cuddle, and Lily loves eating. Seriously. She sits underneath me when I eat because she knows I will miss my mouth and it is easy food for her. She is like a hungry shark when it comes to food. You do NOT want to get in her way.

I love this little pup so much and I am forever thankful to Amber for bringing her into my life. Fletch and I love her like a child and can’t imagine our lives without her.