February Wish List | My Birthday Month!!!

Hi Lovely!

It’s February which means it’s almost my birthday!! I’ll be 27 this year but I still feel like I’m a kid-stuff-loving, beer drinking, old soul adult. It’s a weird feeling. Since I am getting older I decided to do a semi-childish but super-cute wish list! As you may know, Fletch and I recently moved so I mostly included items I thought would make our new place feel a little more like home. I hope you enjoy the items I included!

February Wish List-01

    1. Ice Cream Garland – I thought this little garland would look super cute by my desk in the new place. I love the little ice creams!!
    2. Ice Cream Hooks – I’m always looking for ways to display my purses and I think these hooks are beyond cute!! I wish I knew how to make wood-stuff because I imagine these would be semi-easy to make.
    3. Merida Pop Vinyl – Merida is one of my favorite princesses!! I have the pop vinyls for all of my favorite princesses with the exception of this one. She is the last one I need!
    4. Soot Sprite Pillow – No joke. I’ve wanted this pillow for like two years. It is so cute!!!! Can’t you just imagine how cute it would be on the bed or in my reading nook?
    5. Strawberry Ice Cream Trinket Box – Everything ice cream is pretty much adorable so I had to include this adorable trinket box. Not only would it look cute on a shelf BUT you can hide stuff in it!
    6. Eleventh Doctor Who Pop Vinyl – My two favorite Doctors are David Tenant and Matt Smith. I already have the pop for Tenant and want this adorable Matt Smith with his fez and mop.
    7. Num Noms Neapolitan Ice Cream Figure – I found this toy at Toys R Us and immediately fell in love. Look at how cute they are!!! I can barely handle the cuteness.
    8. Treat Yo Self Print – Parks and Recreation is pretty much one of my favorite shows. I’ve re-watched it three times so far and love it every time. (Debbie, you feel me here)
    9. Chibi Vanellope Von Schweets Print  – I love the movie Wreck it Ralph. I think it is just so cute and fun. I recently decided that I wanted to get a few things Vanellope-related and thought this print would be adorable in my new office space.
    10. Parks and Recreation print  – How awesome is this print? It is Parks and Recreation characters as cats. This is just the coolest.
    11. Vanellope Von Schweetz Figure – The toys for Wreck it Ralph aren’t really being made anymore so finding them can be difficult. I really want this cute little figure to put up on my new shelf because it would be adorable. 
    12. Otter Pin – Can we just talk about how cute this little otter pin is?! I mean, they are holding hands!!
    13. Unicorn Pillow – Thousand Skies is one of my favorite shops and they recently released these adorable unicorn pillows. I feel like the world would go out of wack if I didn’t get at least one. I mean, they are so cute!!
    14. Mini Pug Loaf – I love pugs and since I can’t have one I thought this would be the next best thing. Isn’t it adorable?

So that is the list!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the items I included!

Is there anything I missed that you think I should have included?

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Two of my favorite things in one dress!!

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am sharing a dress that combines two of my favorite things! It is purple and features a fun scallop collar! Yay!!


I bought this dress last summer for our rehearsal dinner before our wedding. I saw it online and knew it would be a perfect addition to my closet!!

IMG_9038I know this dress will be wonderful as the weather gets warmer. It is light and breezy!IMG_9019

What do you think of this amazing little find?

Outfit DetailsNEWDress: ASOS
Shoes: H & M
Sweater: ModCloth

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USB Flash Drives That Are Too Cute To Handle!

I love anything and everything that is small and cute even if I don’t need it. The two items I am showing you today are good examples of this. USBs I do a lot of online hunting and shopping which means I happen upon cute little items quiet frequently. One night I decided I couldn’t live without these cute little USBs. Looking back I probably didn’t need them (at least not both) BUT I will say that I absolutely love them and enjoy seeing them on my desk. They fit perfectly with the rest of my decor and they make me happy. Soon I will run out of room on my desk for cute little nicknacks… maybe I should stop buying so much. Nah. What do you think of my purchases? You can find the toast here. You can find the cupcake here. pink signature

One tape dispenser to rule them all

This week’s favorite thing is an office supply item. I will start by sharing a little known fact about me. I love office supplies. I know it is a little nerdy but it is true. Now that you know it will be no surprise that I am so excited about my new little desk buddy; Comma the Chameleon (like “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club).

Two years ago I found a photo of a chameleon tape dispenser on Pinterest and fell in love. I wanted that thing to occupy my desk! (see original photo below)

tape dispenser2

But alas, I was never able to locate one like the one in the photo. So, I searched for two years until I happened upon one in Office Max this week. I grabbed him from the shelf like I would a family member returning from a long trip. I looked at Fletch and said, “I must have him! Do I need him? No. Will he make me happy? Yes. I am buying him.”

tape dispenser

Now Comma lives on my desk bringing smiles to everyone that may pass. I definitely think he was worth the $9.99 plus tax. (P.S. I watched all three Lord of the Ring movies this week, so sorry for the reference in my title.)

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December Wish List

December Wish List

1. Rifle Paper Co. / Balloon Ride
2. Click & Blossom / Blogging Day T-shirt
3. ModCloth / Camp Director Tote
4. Click & Blossom / Editing Day Mug
5. ModCloth / Collar it a Day Dress
6. ModCloth / Garden Fresh Glam Dress
7. Her Universe / Tardis Knit Dress
8. Etsy / Totoro rearview mirror plush
9. ModCloth / Perk Me Up Bag

Lots of cute clothes and items this month!!! My Christmas list just keeps growing and growing. I mean, how cute is that “Blogging Day” shirt?! Adorable right? Also, that Tardis dress is adorable, looks comfy, and is perfect for the holiday! So cute.

What have you been wanting?

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