My Inspiring Movie List

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve watched a lot of really great movies lately and wanted to tell you about them! I love watching movies about fighting for a cause. That could be a documentary or a big blockbuster so long as it has people fighting for something they believe in. They inspire me to do more with myself and get out there and fight for the cause.

Are you feeling like you need some movie inspiration? I have you covered! Grab some popcorn and a cozy blanket because it is time to get inspired! Let’s do this!

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Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. and those involved in the Civil Rights movement

MLKOn this Martin Luther King Jr. Day I reflect on my visit to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. Other than meeting Fletch’s family it was by far the highlight of my visit. It was a very emotional experience. I sat on a bus where I was yelled at and told to move to the back. I saw photos of the brave people that protested the injustice that was occurring in our country. I saw the very counter where individuals sat in protest against segregation. I walked past the window where Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. Just thinking back to the experience brings tears to my eyes.

I am so grateful to those who came before me. Those brave and courageous people that fought for what was right: equality. Today I reflect on their sacrifices and the work that we still have to do to gain true equality.

To Martin Luther King Jr. and all who have been involved in the civil rights movement, I salute you and thank you for your sacrifices.

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