Beauty is being true to who you are

Hi Lovely!

A few days ago I told you that I’ve recently moved. It has been an exciting few weeks and my blogging duties have not been as big of a priority (sorry ya’ll!) With that said, I am happy to announce that Fletch and I are almost done unpacking! Yay!! The last few things we need to do are hang photos and build the new dresser I bought this weekend. It is so awesome!

I spent all day today unpacking my area and hanging photos. I came across this little beauty and had almost forgotten all about it. It seems fitting that it will hang in my new cutie room.

020716Amongst all of my cute stuffed animals, toys, and the like I will hang this little reminder. That no matter what, as long as I am true to myself, well, that is beauty.

I leave you with these words. Be your wonderful self. You are beautiful just the way you are and if people don’t see that then they aren’t worth your time.

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So Fresh and So Clean

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to share a new product I’ve tried out recently: Setting Makeup and Reviving Color with evian® Spray. Since I don’t wear a ton of makeup I’ve been using it throughout the day to freshen up. You may not know this about me but I have very sensitive, dry skin (and on top of that, Rosacea). That makes it very difficult to find products that don’t irritate my skin.

Evian bottle

product c/o evian® spray

What I like about the evian® spray is that when my face begins to get red I can spray it on and relieve some of the hotness from my face. While it doesn’t take away the redness, nothing but medicated cream does, the cooling effect makes my skin feel calmer. I let the mist sit on my face for a few minutes then I gently blot away any excess liquid.

evian smiles

I like keeping the spray by my desk so I can grab it super quick whenever my skin starts to act up. It leaves me feeling refreshed (and when I am working all day I need that periodically).evian on my deskThis product is perfect for setting makeup too. As I previously stated, I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I’ve found that when I do this it helps the makeup stick. After I put my powder on in the morning I use the spray to finish off my look.

Overall I really enjoy this handy, multifunctional, little spray. I am not sure how often I will use it for makeup but I will keep it by my desk for freshening up during the day.

If you decide you can’t live without this handy little product then you should definitely check out their Facebook page for tips and tricks. Have you tried any new products lately?

This was a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker. All views expressed are my own.

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The importance of self acceptance


122114 beauty begins


Hunting through Pinterest, per usual,  I found this image that resinated with me. I felt compelled to share it with all of you. I feel like it is all too easy to put on fronts for people because we may think it will make us more like-able or to fit in. I think we all do it at some point. I love this quote because I agree that when we fully embrace who we are we then feel more confident with ourselves and I think that may come off as beauty. For a long time I didn’t want to admit that I loved My Little Pony and Taylor Swift but, with the help of blogging, I have learned to embrace these joys of mine. I love getting down to some TS and I really enjoy watching My Little Pony. That show is awesome and people who want to make fun of me for liking it aren’t good friends. If they were they wouldn’t care.

I think that learning to truly embrace who you are is a very difficult task to complete. It takes learning to let go of the fear you have about other people’s opinions. You have to stay strong and stick to your guns. That is a little scary but in the end completely worth while.

Please remember that you are beautiful, smart, fun, and interesting. You have so much to offer the world. Be yourself and show how beautiful you are.

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The bear in my backyard


Growing up in Alaska

Growing up in Alaska you get used to seeing wildlife and being cautious. Moose were everywhere and sometimes bears would wander into the neighborhoods.

That is what happened.

A brown bear had wandered into our neighborhood and walked right into my backyard. My family had a big bouncy ball, the type with the handle, and the bear was playing with it! My parents and I had no idea what we were supposed to do. We stood there from our deck watching the thing play around, hoping he wouldn’t pop the ball and go crazy.

That bear hung out around the neighborhood and because of our visitor we had to make a few changes. For example, I was forced to carry a pot and large wooden spoon around the neighborhood, hitting it to scare off the bears. We also had a wood shed built to keep our garbage cans in. That is right. We had to lock up our garbage. If we left it out it would attract wildlife and cause more problems in the neighborhood.

That wasn’t the only bear incident we had. Our home had 3 floors and the lowest was underground. The windows on the lowest floor were at ground level. Well, my mom was getting ready for a party, she was a professional clown, and looked out the window to see a bear staring right back at her. I heard her scream and ran down to see what the raucous was. The bear moved towards the front yard and kind of just hung out, they do that. My dad had to make noise to scare it off so my mom could get to the car to head off to her job.

Growing up in Alaska provided some very unique experiences. Not many people can say they were face to face with a brown bear. In high school I was always looking towards the future. Where I would go and how I could get out. I wanted to be where the concerts and shopping was. I wanted to be able to have a road trip and drive to another state. I grew up in what you could call the big city so driving anywhere else was a bit of a waste unless you planned on hunting or fishing, which I did not want to do.

Now, looking back on my time in Alaska, all 18 years, I finally understand how special it was. I never dealt with bullying. Religion was never issue. I was pretty darn lucky. Sure there were friendships that dissolved along with far too many romantic relationships but I had it pretty good.

I am happy to now live in Washington state because I have a lot of freedom that I didn’t have living in Alaska. While I am really glad that I moved, I wouldn’t trade my experience in Alaska for anything.

Now, tell me about your hometown.

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Self Love

Hello you beautiful thing you!

Learning to love yourself is a hard and difficult journey. It takes time, practice, and you have to work on it daily.

Fall in love with yourself

I’ve had a really difficult time learning to love myself and there are still days where I look at myself and think about all of my imperfections. I focus on the little features that aren’t perfect and I allow my self-hate to determine how my mood is that day. It pretty much sucks! I recently read a blog post about becoming a happier person. The blogger challenged herself to not say anything negative about others or about herself. She said that it was more difficult to break the habit of self shaming than it was to talk about others. ( I apologize. I can’t remember where I read the post!)

It was enlightening. Why is it easy to lift others up while continuing to put ourselves down? I am guilty of it! I compliment friends and co-workers, tell them that they are beautiful and that they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves then I get home and cry about my weight or hair or whatever.

It has been a hard journey towards self love for me but I am getting better at it. I look at my reflection in the mirror and instead of pointing out my faults I tell myself about my great qualities. I dress myself up in clothes that make me feel good. I continuously tell myself that I am beautiful and that I have worth.

I feel more confident now than I ever did when I was 50 pounds lighter. In middle school I was teased for my weight so I set out to get skinny. I stopped eating sweets and ran a mile everyday. It was hard work but I got down to 105 pounds. Even though I was thin I still didn’t feel like it was enough. I needed a flatter stomach. I needed thinner thighs. I look at photos of me then and think about how small I was. I was thin but still felt like I wasn’t good enough.

Me at my lowest weight

Me at my lowest weight

So I stopped trying to make others happy with my body (because that is just silly) and instead focused on what made me happy. I decided that my worth was not determined by my weight. I’ve gained weight over the years but found a new sense of appreciation for my body. It does so much for me and allows me to have adventures. Why wouldn’t I love it?

I want you to know that you are worthwhile. You are wonderful and fun and special. Try to help yourself remember that. If we can learn to stop shaming ourselves and others then maybe we can promote a healthier body image for those young people that come after us.

Stay strong beautiful.

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