You Are Not Alone

Hi Lovely,

I’ve been thinking about this post for the last few days. I’ve been on a non-stop Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack kick lately, listening to it daily. The story of Evan Hansen, which is kind of complex, resonated with me. At some point or another I felt alone. There have been times when I felt lonely or like others didn’t care. In those difficult moments it was my family and friends who helped me realize that I wasn’t alone. That I was loved and cared for. The song, “You Will Be Found“, lets us all know that we’re not alone. All we have to do is reach out and we’ll be found.

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we feel alone or forgotten. Know that there are people around you that care for you. You are an awesome, kind, thoughtful, lovely, spectacular person. You mean the world to me and I appreciate all that you do.

Love you all!

Green Cuties | My Pastel Outfit and Blogging BFF

Hi Lovely!

Today’s post is a bit of a combo. I’m sharing a super-cute new dress and some fun photos I took with my wonderful friend, Kristina of The Eyre Effect. We recently got together to take outfit photos and thrift, which always makes for fun yet awkward photos. The dress is a cute little number I bought from Bonne Chance Collections. I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on this yet but they make up most of my closet lately. I can’t help but fall in love with every piece I buy from their shop. It’s all so cute!!!

On to the outfit photos and the snaps of Kristina and I!

 ♥ Dress | Bonne Chance Collections ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Belt | Amazon ♥  Backpack | AliExpress ♥ Sunglasses | Sanrio ♥

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Comics and Champagne

Hi Lovely!!

I recently entered a giveaway hosted by Geek Girl Gang on Instagram and I won!! I was soo surprised! I wanted to buy their “Geek Girl Gang” pin and fell in love with their “Comics and Champagne” shirt after seeing it so this giveaway was perfect. To make the look more me, I decided to pair this cute (and comfy) shirt with my light purple skirt and mint green cardigan to add color to the look. You’ve probably noticed I like wearing color. I’m digging how the styling turned out!

♥ Shirt | Geek Girl Gang ♥ Pin | Geek Girl Gang  ♥ Cardigan | Amazon ♥ Skirt | Amazon ♥ Shoes | BAIT
♥ Backpack | AliExpress ♥

I wore this adorable look out to coffee with my friends and a guy stopped to ask about my shirt. His wife really liked it and they wanted to know where I got it. I love moments like those! Connecting with strangers over common interests. I think that’s why I love wearing nerdy clothing or pins all over my bags. You have an immediate connection.

I’m loving that so many small businesses are embracing things deemed “nerdy” and making products that allow us, the consumer, to showcase our passions. We can wear shirts with our favorite superheroes on them. Shops like Her Universe and Jordandené now make it easy to look stylish and geeky all at the same time. Now more than ever we have a ton of options when it comes to showing the world what’s in our hearts.

How do you wear your nerdy loves on your sleeve?

The dress that my Mother bought me

Hi Lovely!

Happy Friday!  This weekend I’ll be spending quality time with friends and family. On Saturday I’m going on a thrifting adventure with my dear friend, Kristina of the Eyre Effect then heading up to Seattle to attend a food fair with Fletch and my big bro, Dayton. Sunday will be more of a chill day but I plan on heading up to my favorite local kawaii store, Sweet Kitty, to pick up a few items they’re holding for me.

When I have full weekend like this I like to look cute but feel comfy. When your day is go go go there’s nothing worse than a dress making it hard to breath or shoes killing your feet. I strive to find a happy balance between looking awesome while also feeling awesome. This look is one of those perfect combos.

♥ Dress | Dorothy Perkins ♥ Sweater | Amazon ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Backpack | AliExpress ♥

♥ Belt | Thrifted ♥ Pin | Sugarbones ♥

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We could all use more kindness

Hi Lovely!

Sorry for taking such a long break!! I took a week off to visit Fletch’s family in Memphis and then.. well.. I was lazy and didn’t get back into writing. Isn’t it amazing how a vacation can take so much out of you?! It was a wonderful trip but I was super tired once we got home. I’ve spent the last week just hanging out and getting back into my routine. Now it’s back to my usual day-to-day.

That means, weekly inspiration! Let’s be real. It can be hard to stay positive. Simply turning on the news or even signing into your Facebook can be draining. It’s all too easy to let all of the negativity in the world beat you down. That’s why this quote by my favorite comedian, Ellen Degenerous, really resonated with me. We all could use more kindness. Our daily actions have the ability to impact other people’s lives. Being kind, showing compassion and spreading joy can change someone’s day.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the negativity then why not try to counter it? Small acts of kindness, while they may not change the entire world, can change someone’s world. Be kind to one another. We’re all fighting our own battles, just trying to make it through another day. Let’s spread joy and compassion rather than contributing towards darkness.

Love you all!!