Styling My Pink Pastel Overall Dress

Hi Lovely!!

I’m excited to share this adorable new look with you! I bought this new dress from Bonne Chance Collections and decided to wear it during my trip to California to visit my Dad. I decided to wear it when we took a trip up to San Francisco. I was a little nervous about styling this overall dress because it can be tricky finding a top that shines when partly hidden. Most of my shirts have their designs in the center which would be covered up by the top of this dress. I think I nailed it with this shirt and its design that covers the entire top.

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Expressing Gratitude

Hello my lovely friends,

There have been times recently where I’ve found myself comparing myself to others. Yes, of course, comparison is the thief of joy. I know that. It’s just hard to always listen to your brain when your heart feels like you’re not doing well or you’re unsuccessful. With that said, more recently, I also had an epiphany. I realized that I have a LOT to be grateful for. When we get into a rut of comparing ourselves to others it can be easy to continue to dig ourselves deeper. I’m thankful that I had moments recently to help pull me out of that.

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Sakura-Con 2018 Recap!

Hi Lovely!

I had a blast at this year’s Sakura-Con and I’m super excited to tell you all about it! This year I was able to attend as press which is awesome! It takes some stress off financially and allows me to share my experience with you!

This year’s con was my favorite! Fletch and I took it easy and mostly just walked around. We planned ahead and brought food (always a good idea) so we didn’t have to stress about figuring out what to get. Fletch was amazing the whole time. Even though it’s not really his scene he was a good sport about it and really helped by taking photos and filming.

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Friends Are the Family You Choose

Hi Lovely!

Today I’m resting after a crazy Saturday. Fletch and I hosted a house warming party at our new house and had about 20 people over. I haven’t hosted a party for more than 5 people since high school so I had a hard time figuring out how much food and drink to have. Yes, I bought too much. Anywho, I had an amazing time. We got to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while and have different friend groups meet for the first time.

Having so many wonderful people over truly filled my heart with joy. I felt so loved. So many people came out to celebrate this big life moment with us. It’s times like these that I feel lucky and thankful to have so many incredible people in my life. I’m a fortunate lady.

The next time I need a pick-me-up I will think back to this night. I will think about the people who love me and helped celebrate buying a house.

Now I’m off to hang out with Lily and Fletch before grabbing dinner with my brother and Dad (who happens to be in town for work).

What are you up to?

Feeling Sweet in My Sprinkles Dress!

Hi Lovely!

I am so excited to share my adorable new dress from Chrissa Sparkles with you!! I recently spent some quality time with my friends Jenn and Angie and decided to rock this dress for the occasion. I hadn’t worn it yet, even though I got it for my birthday in February, and wanted to show it off. I adore the colors, the amazing collar, and the fun sleeves.i want to try wearing some colorful tights with it next.

♥ Dress | Chrissa Sparkles ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥

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