The greatest gift you can give someone is your time

Hi Lovely!

This weekend I spent quality time with Fletch, my brother Dayton, and my dad. My dad was in Washington for a business trip and stayed an extra day so he could spend time with us. I usually only get to see him when I fly down to California, typically for holidays. My dad has been traveling more and more for work and, luckily for me, some of those trips bring him to my area.

We got together Friday night for a yummy dinner in Seattle at Cafe Bizarro. Dayton, being the local food expert out of the bunch, picked the spot. It was delicious!! We then grabbed ice cream from Molly Moon’s before heading home for the night. Saturday was spent together again. Fletch and I headed up to Seattle to do a little brewery tour planned by my brother. We stopped at four different breweries in Ballard and had a super-fun time! Dad is a beer guy so getting to test out different brews was right up his alley. After several beers we grabbed food before going our separate ways. Overall it was a really fun, family-filled weekend.

I’m so thankful for this time I had with my family this weekend. We don’t get to see each other too often so being able to spend time together is really important to me. I’m really glad I’m able to make more memories with such rad people.

What did you do this weekend?

Pink hair don’t care

Hi Lovely!

A week or so ago I made a (semi) big change and dyed my hair pink!! I’ve wanted to dye my hair for a long time but was too afraid to do it. What would people say? What would work do? I decided to throw caution to the wind and do it. I’m so glad I did! I love it. I feel spunky and fun. I look at myself in the mirror and can’t help but smile. I feel like the color exudes what I feel on the inside.

♥ Dress | Bonne Chance Collections ♥ Sweater | Amazon ♥ Belt | Value Village ♥ Shoes | Bait Purse | Ross ♥

This is what I look like immediately after photos.

I love how bright my outfit is with this color. I stand out in the best way possible. So far I haven’t felt confined to wearing any specific colors. I’m still wearing all of the same colorful dresses and sweaters as I always have. Color on color is kind of my thing.

Oh! I should probably tell you about my actual outfit! Duh. This is the adorable dress Fletch bought me for Valentine’s Day. I decided to pair it with my adorable new sweater to create a bright, colorful look. Fletch and I were taking a drive up to the Disney Store and I wanted to blind people with my fresh duds.

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair a unique color?

Why I Blog

Hi Lovely!

I spent most of the day today going through stuff out in our storage. It’s crazy how long a task like that takes!! I think we started around 11am and didn’t finish until about 2pm. There’s still a lot that we need to go through but I managed to donate a fair amount of things.

One of the items I re-discovered in storage was a small plastic bin that contained a ton of cards I received. I decided to look through the cards and get rid of the less sentimental ones. That’s when I found a card from my mom. She sent the card because she wanted to tell me how much she loved my blog. She told me that she found joy and inspiration in my posts. Her words helped remind me why I blog.

I blog because I love connecting with people. I’ve always been a people person and blogging has allowed me to meet really awesome people from around the world. I feel so incredibly lucky for making such wonderful relationships.

I started this blog to bring light into the world and there have been many times where I wonder whether I’m meeting that goal. Re-reading that card from my mom helped me realize that I am. My mom loved reading my blog. She went through a really hard time and reading my posts brought joy to her days. That’s pretty darn cool. I can only hope that my posts do the same for you and anyone else who reads my little space of the internet.

I blog because I enjoy it. I blog because it has allowed me to meet rad people. I blog in hope of bringing joy to those who check out my posts. I love and appreciate you all so much. Thank you for being so wonderful.

2017 Emerald City Comicon Recap

Hi Lovely!

A few weeks ago Fletch and I attended Emerald City Comicon in Seattle! It was so much fun!!! This year we purchased two day passes. We normally attend on Sunday’s but decided to test out going multiple days.


Our first day was filled with lots of awesome fan art, hanging out with wonderful friends, and, of course, shopping. Fletch and I decided to start out in artist alley. My friend, Leia was up there getting stuff signed and I wanted to say hi. I met Leia when I briefly wrote for a super-awesome nerdy blog called Sub-cultured. Leia and I hadn’t met IRL before so I was excited for the opportunity to give her a big hug.

After seeing Leia we continued to walk around the artist area. That’s when we spotted our awesome  and talented friend, Nick Butler. Fletch and I met Nick back in college. Nick is a crazy good artist and I love attending these conventions because, usually, we get to see him! This year Nick had decided to actually see the con vs. sitting at a table the whole time. So, Nick walked about with us which was really cool. While walking around with Fletch and Nick I spotted MC Chris, a nerdy rapper. Nick and Fletch helped me get up the courage to say hi. It was a really short interaction that went like this.

Me: “Are you MC Chris?”
MC Chris: “Yeah”
Me: “I love your music!”
MC Chris: “Thanks.”

Then he walked away before I could ask for a photo. *Insert super-sad emoji here* Nick then went off to man his booth at the convention and Fletch and I moved on to the exhibitor hall.

Our main concerns for that day were checking out the Funko booth and the Jordandene booth. I met Jordandene owner, Jordan, via Instagram like a year ago and was, again, really excited to meet her in person. Let me tell you, Jordan is awesome!! Meeting her in person was definitely one of my highlights of the weekend. I snagged a cute shirt and then we continued to walk around.

The rest of Friday is a bit of an achy feet blur. We walked around, ate the worse pretzel of my life, and headed back to my brother’s house, where we stayed for the weekend, around 4:30pm. It’s crazy how exhausting conventions can be!!



Day two was spent mostly hanging out with my lovely friend, Mikaela, and her super-cool partner, Mike! I met Mikaela thanks to the wonderful world of the internet and have grown close ever since. I was really excited to spend the day with her and to meet her boo for the first time. This may be just me BUT, it was an awesome day!

We spent most of the day walking around and, again, buying stuff. It was pretty great! We caught a few booths we didn’t see previously and we managed to grab another pop figure from the Funko booth!

Overall it was an awesome way to spend a weekend! I had a ton of fun with Fletch and we got to see a lot of amazing people. I’ll definitely be attending again next year.

Want more? Watch my vlog below!

Because I’m happy.. *sing in the tune of Pharrell’s “Happy”* (an outfit post)

Hi Lovely!

I’m so excited to share my new adorable shirt with you! My amazing friend, Becky, released a few t-shirts recently so I of course had to buy one (and now I’m debating buying her other design). This cute top features one of Becky’s signature designs, a cat, with the word “happy”. (Now do you get the title of this post?) I feel like this is one of those shirts that can automatically turn a frown upside down.

♥ Shirt | The Pink Samurai ♥ Skirt | KawaiiGoods ♥ Shoes | Bait Footwear ♥ Sunglasses | Sanrio ♥ Purse | Ross ♥

I decided to wear this cutie with my adorable skirt from KawaiiGoods because I wanted to add more color to the look. I haven’t worn this skirt yet so I was excited to take it out on the town. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to wear with such a loud skirt. I’m hoping to find more cute ways to style it in the future.

As previously mentioned, my top is from my friend, Becky’s shop, The Pink Samurai. Becky is a talented artist that has continuously worked towards growing her business. She’s sold subscription boxes, acrylic jewelry, prints, buttons, pins and so much more. She doesn’t shy away from testing the waters when it comes to new products and I can honestly say that I’ve loved everything I’ve bought from her shop. It’s easy to support a small business when the owner is awesome and so are the products.

Sorry if this feels like a plug! Trust me, she did not pay me (or bribe me with cute things). I just love her stuff that much!

Do you have a small business you love? Tell me about it!