Trying New Things | Poki

Hi Lovely!

My lovely friend, Chinda, and I recently had a fun day in Seattle. It was wonderful!!! We went to a few cute shops in Seattle and she had me try poki! I was not very excited about it but she insisted so I figured why the heck not. Poki, as I understand it and please correct me if I am wrong, is basically raw tuna. Chinda loves it so I jumped in and tried it! Here are the photos of me eating, taken by Chinda.

Poki 1

Poki 2

So, what did I think? Let’s refer to the Hilary Scale.

The Hilary Scale

final opinion

I did not like poki. I actually tried two types and didn’t like either. It was super chewing, fishy (obviously), and I just didn’t really like it. Chinda said that I can’t judge all poki based on these two so if another opportunity comes to try it then I guess I will go for it.

Have you ever had poki? What did you think?

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Trying New Things | Glassblowing

Hi Lovely!

I am very excited to share a recent new experience! I tried out glass blowing! I’ve never tried anything like it before. Basically, you have an experienced artist there to help you make your piece of art. You choose the piece, the style, and the colors. Then you get to work.

You heat the glass, roll it around, heat it up, etc. At some point you add the color. To be honest it all is a little bit of a blur. It’s hard balancing making something and not burning yourself.

glass blowing






IMG_7391 copy

I made an adorable pink and white bowl. Check it out!

glass bowl

So, what was my final thought? We go now to the Hilary Scale.The Hilary Scale

my opinion

Loved it! It was definitely a fun experience. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a fun activity. Plus, you get a fun souvenir! The one down side is that it is a little pricey. Maybe save it for a special occasion.

I went to Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. The artists were awesome and made the experience a ton of fun. Be sure to check them out if you live in the area!

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Try New Things: Diva Cup

Hi Lovely!

Fair warning: This post is all about trying out the Diva Cup, a sanitary cup that you use during your period. I was not sponsored in any way to share my thoughts and opinions on this product. I was mostly just curious.

Diva Cup

I want to share my experience trying out this product and my final opinions. I figure if I am going to try new things I should try new things that will save me money and create less waste. Let’s get to it! I started trying out the Diva Cup a few months ago. I wanted to test it out for a while before sharing my thoughts because I wanted to make sure I had a chance to fully develop my thoughts.

Ease of Use:
The cup is difficult to get in and out initially. The first time I had the thing in I kept checking it throughout the day to make sure my ho-ha didn’t eat it. (Yeah that might be a stupid fear but you never know!) I found that if you don’t put it in correctly then you can feel it but as you walk around, it kind of naturally positions itself correctly. Getting it out that first time was seriously the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. You have to push as if you are pooping while grabbing the thing and pulling it out. It requires a lot of patience, skill, and sweat. As I am still not an expert in using the cup yet I opt to only insert and remove it in the safety and comfort of my own bathroom at home. You can keep the cup in for 10-12 hours so I usually put it in before work, take it out later that evening and re-insert. When you take it out you just dump the crimson wave into the toilet, give the cup a wash with natural, unscented, water-based soap and stick that baby back in. The washing part is another reason I like to do it at home. So those are my thoughts on using it. Now to my final, overall opinion of the sanitary cup.

Let’s refer to the Hilary Scale.
The Hilary Scale

I give the Diva Cup a big…

my opinion

Love it!! As I said it can be difficult to use initially and I still haven’t gotten the complete hang of it BUT I love that I save money, reduce waste, and I feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable with my body by using it. Nothing makes you better appreciate your lady bits like shoving a silicone cup up it and being able to get the thing out. I mean seriously, that is crazy cool that your body can do that stuff.

Do you use a sanitary cup? What do you think of the whole thing?

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Trying New Things | Jiro

Hi Lovely!

A new month means a new thing I am forcing myself to try! Yay!!! What is living if not stepping out of your comfort bubble and experiencing new things? So, I force myself to try one new thing a month (at least) so I can then share it with you and hopefully, entertain you. Now, let’s get to it!

I recently tried Jiro! Jiro is a stuffed waffle filled with sweetened azuki bean in the shape of a fish. I’ve seen others eat them and was always curious. That is why I jumped at the chance to try it when I saw a food truck selling them.

jiroAren’t they adorable? I love that they look like little fish!! Plus, they are basically pancakes stuffed with filling in a convenient, on-the-go package.

me and jiro

It was very rainy out but we braved it so I could try this little dessert.

trying Jiro

eating jiroAlright. The final decision. Let’s refer to the Hilary Scale.

The Hilary Scale

Drum roll please!

final thoughtsI loved it!!! I think this is my favorite thing I’ve tried so far. It is a little sweet but if you were to split it with someone I think it would be the perfect portion.

Have you ever had jiro? If you live in the Seattle area I definitely recommend visiting BeanFish and trying one.

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Trying New Things: Not Shaving

Hi Lovely!

So, I decided to try not shaving. Here is the thing. I’ve been shaving my legs and armpits since I was like 13. I’ve continued to do it because I thought I had no choice. There is still a social stigma surrounding female body hair and I thought people would look at me like I am a disgusting weirdo for letting my hair grow naturally. So, I continued to shave and shave. I constantly complained about the cost, dealt with the itchy-ness of hair growing back, and lusted after men’s freedom to say eff-it and let their hair-freak flag fly.

After pondering this for a while I decided that I wanted to take a swing at letting my hair grow. If women can feel comfortable dying their armpit hair then why can’t I try throwing out my razor? Now that the temperature has decreased, I finally felt comfortable letting the hair on my legs and armpits grow. I thought this would be a way to try it out while still feeling a little protected. I wear tights and cardigans most of the time so people won’t see anyways.

unshaved armpits

This is what I wanted to figure out. Do I shave for myself or do I shave for others? Do I continue to shave my armpits so people won’t think less of me? Do I make sure my legs are stubble-free so people won’t stare and ask questions? Or do I do it because I genuinely like it? So far I’ve discovered that I don’t miss shaving. I save time in the shower, I don’t really worry about the hair in my armpits because I already know it is there, and I don’t stress about whether I have a new razor head or not. I will admit that I love that first hour or so just after shaving. Your legs feel like a baby’s bottom, you do the little Nair’s short short high kick to show them off. But here is the thing. My hair is back by the end of the day and I have to deal with the prickly hell that is grow out.

unshaved legs

Now to my final thoughts after the experience.

The Hilary Scale

I’m not sure that this one can fall on the Hilary Scale. I don’t have strong feelings either way. After a month or so of not shaving I’ve decided that I’ve really liked the freedom I’ve given myself in regards to not shaving but at the same time I miss not having hair. I’m not sure whether I will shave or not moving forward. There were times when I felt self-conscious of my body hair. I saw people stare and make comments. It made me feel uncomfortable with my decision to take a break from shaving. I felt like I had to take a stand and explain myself daily for my decision. It is a little exhausting. So we will see what I decide. I know that moving forward I’m not going to force myself to shave regularly. If I take a break for a week or month then cool. If I decide to shave every day then awesome. As long as it makes me happy then that is good enough for me.

What about you? What do you think of female body hair? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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