Visiting the Sanrio Headquarters in San Francisco

Hi Lovely!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I recently visited the Sanrio headquarters in San Francisco. It was amazing!! To understand how special this was I feel like you need to know my history with Sanrio.

Growing up in Alaska we had one Sanrio store. It was in the fancy mall across town and taking trips to the area was rare. I remember saving up my money so I could buy items from the store. My go-to was the goodie bags. My favorite character was Badtz Maru, I think I liked that he seemed like a bad boy. I have fond memories of shopping with my parents and picking out items.

As I grew into my teens I distanced myself from Sanrio. I thought it was kid stuff, not fit for a cool teenager to be into. As I aged I always thought Hello Kitty and Sanrio, in general, was cute. It wasn’t until the Hello Kitty Friendship Festival that I rediscovered my love. It’s like a spark went off. At the time I was collecting other toys and characters just not specifically Sanrio. I slowly started collecting more and more and it has grown into the kawaii mess I have now.

Sanrio brings me back to a simpler time. I think back to those special moments I spent with my Mom picking out new pens or plushies and it gives me the warm fuzzies. So yeah, Sanrio is special to me.

When my friend, Shawn, asked if I’d want to join her for a quick trip to the headquarters, I jumped at the chance. Talk about a dream come true! I’d get to walk the halls of my favorite company and meet the people there.

Fast forward to the day of our trip. I woke up at 2am so I could meet my fellow travelers at Sweet Kitty by 3:45am. Our flight left at 6am so we wanted to make sure we had time to get through security. After we landed we grabbed our suitcases, picked up our rental car, and headed off to the Sanrio Company Store in South San Francisco.

We met with Shawn’s contact at Sanrio and she gave us a tour of the office. It was so cool!! They had prints and artwork all over the office. The best part for me was getting to see everyone’s offices and getting to chat with employees. One thing I love about Sanrio is that you can immediately bond with fellow fans. I’ve made friends all over the world thanks to my interest in Sanrio characters and that’s pretty darn cool!

I wasn’t able to take a ton of photos in the office so make sure you watch my vlog to see more of the office! It will be up on my YouTube channel soon.

After our tour, we headed to San Jose to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-up! We all were interested in the exclusive snacks and to see if they had new merchandise.

We had a little time to kill before heading back to the airport so we walked around the area for a little bit. Then it was back to the airport to head home.

It was the quickest trip I’ve ever taken via airplane and it was amazing. I am so thankful that I was able to visit the San Francisco Sanrio Headquarters and meet so many lovely people. It was an experience that I will truly never forget.

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Shawn of Sweet Kitty, for inviting me!!


Our Holiday Abroad | Florence and The Cinque Terre

Hi Lovely!

This is the third edition of my travel recap! I shared about our adventure in London and our time in Venice and now it’s time to chat about Florence! We spent three nights in Florence so let’s get into the day to day.

Day One
We arrived in Florence via train and got a bit lost trying to find our hotel. It was a very hot day and lugging our luggage through the city was less than ideal. It was a ten minute walk that turned into a 30 minute adventure when we got turned around. We eventually found our hotel and decided to have a little rest in the room to cool down. I feel like there isn’t much protection from the heat in Italy and the best place to find an AC was our hotel. After cooling down we ventured out to find my new favorite store, Flying Tiger. It’s like a mix of Daiso and IKEA. So cute! We then grabbed dinner and turned in.

hotel roof

Our hotel’s rooftop!

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Our Holiday Abroad | Venice

Hi Lovely!

This is the second post in my super-awesome recap of my honeymoon. I previously posted about my time in London (click HERE to read all about it) and now we’re on to Venice!

Fletch and I spent three nights in Venice after leaving London. We took a private water taxi right to our hotel from the airport and that was pretty amazing. We had the whole boat to ourselves. It was wonderful being taken directly to our hotel too. We didn’t have to wander around Venice dragging suitcases or getting lost.

Day One
After arriving in Venice we decided to stick pretty close to our hotel. Our hotel, Hotel Christina, was positioned in the best location right on the water and it had a ton of restaurants and touristy-things close by. We walked down the main tourist drag, looking at souvenir shops and stopping to gaze at the Bridge of Sighs. We took it pretty easy just walking about and finally grabbing some food. We decided to stop at a restaurant near our hotel and we both had margherita pizza. It was the most delicious pizza of my life! Yum! (Alright now I want pizza.) After food we went back to the hotel and watched VH1 Italia. About every other song was in English and we enjoyed hearing something familiar. We finished off the night with a quick trip up to the top of our hotel to see the view. Needless to say it was gorgeous. We sat up there for a little while then headed off to bed.

bridge of sighs

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Our Holiday Abroad | London

Hi Lovely!

I’m back from my big adventure abroad and I’m so excited to share my journey with you!! Yay!! I’m sorry it took so long!! Life has been hectic and I’m just now getting to editing all of our photos and videos. Better late then never, right?!

The first edition of my travel posts is all about London! I consider London to be my spirit city. I studied abroad in London for five months while in college and fell in love. When Fletch and I decided to go abroad I immediately proposed stopping in London before hand. I was thrilled when Fletch told me he’d love to make the pitstop. Fletch and I had just started dating when I studied abroad and that time away from each other really tested our relationship. Being able to share at least a piece of that experience with Fletch now was pretty special.

So, Fletch and I set off on our big honeymoon, first stopping in London and going on to Italy. In London we stayed in the Hilton at Green Park. It was perfectly located! Right in central London, a five minute walk from Buckingham Palace, and right by a tube stop. Absolutely perfect! We only had two and a half days in London so we tried to cram in as much as we could. I think we did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!

Day One
We arrived in London around 2pm and were at our hotel by 4pm. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel, cleaned up a bit, and went out into the busy streets of London to have a little adventure. As I said, our hotel was really close to a tube station so we grabbed two Oyster cards, to be used during our time in London, and ventured on to Covent Garden to find an adorable Kawaii shop called Art Box.

We had a really hard time finding the shop and wound up happening upon  a really fun Moomin Store. I mean, an entire store devoted to Moomin. I couldn’t believe it!


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