Holiday Market Outfit

Hi Lovely!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day!! My latest outfit is a look I put together for Renegade Craft last weekend in Seattle! Fletch and I drove up so we could hang out with my brother, Dayton, and see if we could find any last minute gifts.

I wanted my look for the day to be festive so I started with a Christmas sweater but was having a difficult time finding the right accessories and decided to ditch the idea completely. Instead, I went with a color look that would reflect my excitement for the day. I think I nailed it!

This is one of my all time favorite looks. I love the way this Mak cardigan pairs with my cute Bonne Chance Collections dress. The colors just work so well together! This time around I paired my new Cinnamoroll backpack. The light blue compliments the mint and purple perfectly!

Fletch and I didn’t end up buying much but Dayton found a few awesome gifts. I’d say it was a successful craft fair visit!

Have you done anything fun lately? I’d love to hear about it!

My Disney Style

Hi Lovely!

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having an amazing week. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently recently. Things have been crazy!! I recently found out that I’ll have to move soon so that’s been a huge stress/time suck for me. I now spend my nights looking at house and apartment listings. But I digress, I recently went to coffee and a movie with some friends and rocked my super-adorable Disney dress from Bonne Chance! This is honestly one of my all time favorite dresses. It’s comfy and cute which, as you know, are my favorite things.

♥ Dress | Bonne Chance Dress ♥ Shoes | Asos ♥ Bow | Fangirl Crafter ♥

As I said, things have been a bit stressful but spending quality time with friends tends to lift my spirit. It’s so easy to allow yourself to fall down a pit of despair when things go wrong. Shoot, I do all the time. The important thing is to pull yourself back out of it. Find the things that make you happy and do it! Spend time with your friends. Complete a craft project! You do you!

Love you all my dear friends. You all bring me so much joy.

Don’t pastel up on this look

Hi Lovely!

Today I’m sharing a super-adorable Sanrio themed look! I recently purchased a cute Little Twin Stars top from a seller on Depop and was excited to rock it. I went to a fun geek-themed craft market over the weekend and decided it was the perfect occasion to wear it out. To keep with my Sanrio theme I decidedled to wear my Little Twin Stars earrings (which you can’t see because of my hair) and my new Cinnamoroll bag. Overall this is a cute pastel look that I hope you like!

♥ Shirt | Uniqlo ♥ Skirt | my friend ♥ Bag | Sanrio ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Sweater | Doll Me Up

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Kawaii Winter Style

Hi Lovely!

I hope you’re having a lovely day. The weather has finally dropped a little which means I can bust out my super-adorable, extra kawaii sweaters! I decided to rock my adorable Little Twin Stars sweater from JapanLA. I purchased it a year ago and feel oh so cute every time I wear it. I hope to someday have even more Little Twin Stars clothing but there aren’t a ton of options here in the US. Maybe that will change in the future (crossing my fingers).

♥ Sweater | JapanLA ♥ Skirt | Amazon ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Bag | Sanrio ♥

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My New Kawaii Shirts from UmamiBrain!

UmamiBrain sent me the shirts included in this outfit post but all opinions are my own.

Hi Lovely,

I’m so excited to share two cute new shirts I recently received. As you know, I love cute characters (I mean, anything cute but especially cute characters), so when the owner of UmamiBrain reached out to me I was really excited! UmamiBrain is a website that features several super-cute, all original characters. My personal favorites are Cuedama and Tammy Tamago. Besides having fun bios for each character they also have adorable shirts! They had me pick out a shirt to try out and share with you. Trust me, this was a difficult decision. I settled on the Cuedama Japanese T-Shirt because I loved the art. The little hedgehog is just too cute to pass up. They also sent me the Kaishacoon “Cupcakes” T-Shirt because it’s one of their newer designs and wanted to see what I thought. Isn’t that nice? Alright let’s move on to the styling of the shirts!

♥ Shirt | UmamiBrain ♥ Skirt | H&M ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Bag | Uwajimaya ♥

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