We could all use more kindness

Hi Lovely!

Sorry for taking such a long break!! I took a week off to visit Fletch’s family in Memphis and then.. well.. I was lazy and didn’t get back into writing. Isn’t it amazing how a vacation can take so much out of you?! It was a wonderful trip but I was super tired once we got home. I’ve spent the last week just hanging out and getting back into my routine. Now it’s back to my usual day-to-day.

That means, weekly inspiration! Let’s be real. It can be hard to stay positive. Simply turning on the news or even signing into your Facebook can be draining. It’s all too easy to let all of the negativity in the world beat you down. That’s why this quote by my favorite comedian, Ellen Degenerous, really resonated with me. We all could use more kindness. Our daily actions have the ability to impact other people’s lives. Being kind, showing compassion and spreading joy can change someone’s day.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the negativity then why not try to counter it? Small acts of kindness, while they may not change the entire world, can change someone’s world. Be kind to one another. We’re all fighting our own battles, just trying to make it through another day. Let’s spread joy and compassion rather than contributing towards darkness.

Love you all!!

Quality time with my beau

Hi Lovely!

This weekend I spent pretty much all of my time with my wonderful partner, Fletch. It was so wonderful!! This week we’re heading to Memphis to visit his family. Spending the few days before our trip together was really nice. We watched movies, cleaned the house, went shopping, played a few games at an arcade, and visited a friend at a local art festival (she had a booth). It was a jam-packed weekend but somehow felt pretty relaxed.

Weekends like this mean a lot to me. I’m usually either hanging out with friends or running errands. Making time to be with Fletch is so incredibly important. He always knows what to say to lift my spirit or make me laugh. We fit so perfectly together and I’m thankful to have such a lovely person as my partner in life.

What did you do this weekend?!

Always be kind

Hi Lovely,

Today my message for you is simple: be kind. Show compassion towards others. Spread joy throughout your day. It’s up to us to make a brighter tomorrow. It’s our responsibility to leave this world better off than when we entered into it.

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Treat Yo Self!

Hi Lovely!

The weather here in Washington has finally started to warm up! I busted out my shorts today for a fun little ladies day in Seattle with my friend, Jessica! It was a blast! We went up to have our first facials (blog post to come) and grab some yummy food. It got up to the 70s and I was definitely having a tough time with the warmer weather. I need to start carrying sunscreen and anti-chafing gel with me (haha).

Alright back on topic. Jessica and I have both been crazy busy and had a lot of stuff going on so taking a day to spend quality time together was really nice. I needed this day to just rest up and hang with my awesome lady friend.

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Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Hi Lovely!!

I spent my weekend at Sakuracon, an anime convention in Seattle (which is why this is getting posted on Monday instead of Sunday). I spent two days walking around seeing people sell their products and being surrounded by so many talented small business owners. It was really rad.

I’m fortunate enough to have a ton of really awesome, talented friends who are following their dreams of having their own businesses. They inspire me regularly to try new things regardless of whether they may be challenging. Thanks to the help of my friend Becky, owner of The Pink Samurai, I made my very first pin!! It was a wonderful experience and made me want to try out more design work. I never saw myself as a creative person when it came to drawing. I could craft but if I had a cute illustration idea I could never translate it into something.

Thanks to so many inspiring friends, I’d like to try out more creative ventures in my free time. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never took the time to look into. I’d like to start small and see what interests me.

What about you? Do you have someone in your life who inspires you to take a leap and try new things? What is your dream?