Feeling Beary Cute (See what I did there?)

Hi Lovely!

I’m back with another adorable Bonne Chance Collections dress. What can I say, I love their stuff!!! I bought this dress at the beginning of February and originally wanted to wear it  on my birthday. Then Fletch bought me that adorable balloon dress, see it here, and I decided to wear that instead. So, I rocked this dress for the first time a week ago and I absolutely love it! It’s beary cute (I had to).

♥ Dress | Bonne Chance Collections ♥ Sweater | ModCloth ♥ Shoes | Bait Footwear
♥ Tights | Fred Meyers ♥ Purse | Ross ♥

I love the style of this dress. It’s super simple but the fun fabric makes it really pop. When wearing whimsical dresses I try to pair them with more subdued accessories so there isn’t too much going on. I wore this dress with my grey sweater so it wouldn’t distract from the adorable critters on the dress.

I like wearing fun dresses like this because, for me at least, they tend to really brighten up my day. It’s harder to be a grump when wearing a dress covered in bears or ice cream. Plus I feel like they represent my personality pretty well. I’m a cheery, loud, cute lady who loves fun colors and adorable animals. Fashion has the ability to show off the inner you and that’s what my dresses do for me.

Do you have any outfits that really showcase your personality?? I want to hear about it!

Life Doesn’t Give Us Purpose.

Hi Lovely!

I spent my weekend at Emerald City Comicon with Fletch. We walked around, did some shopping, and got to see a ton of awesome people. The weekend had me reflecting on my purpose. See, at comicon I saw a ton of people selling their art and following, what seems to be, their passion. I’m nearly 30 and I still don’t really know what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

Then again, maybe I don’t need to find purpose in a job.

I’m doing a pretty good job at having a life while also working. I blog, I make time for friends and family, and I make sure to make time for me. I do my best to make others feel loved, appreciated, encouraged, and supported. All of that brings me great joy. What I need to do is learn to be happy with where I am in life but also work consistently towards figuring out what else I’d like to do with my time.

I’m happy with where I am in life right now but I know how important it is to continue to grow. I’d like to do more for others, maybe volunteer. Who knows what the future will bring me. Regardless of what comes my way I know that I will always find joy in the little joys of life and always strive to make this world a better place.

My 28th Birthday Outfit

Hi Lovely!

As you know I recently celebrated my birthday. Fletch and I spent the whole weekend hanging out and doing whatever we wanted. Fletch had bought this dress for me for Valentine’s Day and as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to wear it for my birthday. I mean, it has festive balloons all over it!

I love the color and style of this dress. The balloons are so vibrant! I also love that it’s a little longer, that way I don’t have to worry about bending over to reveal myself. It’s just so darn cute! I wore it to the mall and received several compliments while strutting around in it.  I felt like a princess! It was so wonderful.

♥ Dress | Bonne Chance ♥ Sweater | Doll Me Up ♥ Belt | Value Village ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Backpack | Aliexpress ♥

I decided to style this dress with my cute purple Bait shoes, to bring out that adorable purple in the dress, my ivory cardigan, and my cute thrifted belt. The dress was just so cute so I tried to keep my accessories simple to allow for it to pop. I guess the only other piece that is more of a show stopper is my backpack but I didn’t want to carry a purse so, backpack. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I felt adorable all day and look forward to wearing it again soon (probably next weekend).

What did you do over the weekend?


Appreciating my sweetie

Hi Lovely!

This weekend I turned 28 and spent most of my weekend with Fletch. It was absolutely wonderful. He was so incredibly sweet. We started our Saturday with opening my birthday presents. It was a pretty great way to start, if I do say so myself. Fletch is so thoughtful and always finds the best gifts. We spent the rest of the day together doing whatever I wanted.

I want to give a little shout-out to my amazing partner, Fletch, because he went above and beyond this weekend. This was a difficult time. It was my first birthday without my mom. My last memory of my mom is from my birthday last year. My Dad Facetimed me from my mom’s hospital room. He stood by her as she lay there, propped up in her hospital bed as they sang Happy Birthday to me. She passed away days later. So, my birthday not only reminds me of my last memory of her but also that the anniversary of her passing is coming up. You can imagine that must be difficult.

The day was hard, I spent most of the day in good spirits, all due to the work of Fletch. He kept me busy, took me to do whatever I wanted, and treated me like a queen. I have no idea how I got so lucky to have him in my life. He is not only my partner but my best friend. Fletch is an amazing individual who always puts others before himself. Right now, as I write this, he is in his office working. He’ll stay up late finishing up things because he spent the whole weekend doing whatever I wanted.

I love that man so much.

My Style for Leavenworth

Hi Lovely!

Over the weekend Fletch and I took a little day trip and visited the lovely little town of Leavenworth. It was our first time visiting and we were excited to check it out. Since Valentine’s Day fell on a weekday we wanted to spend an entire day spending quality time together. When trying to decide on plans we settled on trying something new. That’s why we chose to drive to Leavenworth. We had both been wanting to check out the town and it seemed like a perfect way to spend a day.

Upon arriving in the adorable town I went ahead and snapped a few outfit photos to share with you. I went for a kawaii look for the day.

♥ Dress | Kawaiigoods ♥ Sweater | ModCloth ♥ Backpack | Aliexpress ♥ Shoes | Nordstrom ♥ Earrings | Aliexpress ♥
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