My Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Outfit!

Hi Lovely!

Over the weekend I visited the super-cute Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! Fletch and I arrived a little after 9am to ensure we didn’t have to wait too terribly long after they opened at 10am. We enjoyed chatting while waiting in line. Honestly, waiting wasn’t too bad! It started lightly raining about half way through the wait but we had umbrellas to keep us dry. I bought the truck exclusive t-shirt and we were done by 11am.

When planning my outfit for the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck I knew that I wanted to wear something Hello Kitty. I mean, you have to. I opted for this adorable Hello Kitty shirt that I bought from the Hello Kitty Cafe in California. It just seemed right. Of course it wasn’t until we were standing in line that I realized that no one could see my Hello Kitty pride because I was wearing a rain coat. That’s alright though because I get to share it with you!!

♥ Top | Hello Kitty Cafe t-shirt ♥ Skirt | Amazon ♥ Shoes | B.A.I.T.

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Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

Hi Lovely!

I hope you had a great weekend! Today I’d like to talk about spreading kindness. It’s on my mind because my dear friend, Barbara, has shown an incredible amount of it. We met online (thanks, internet!) and have bonded over our love for cute things.

Barbara recently went on a trip to Tokyo and, being the amazing person she is, she asked me if there was anything I wanted her to pick up. How incredibly sweet is that? She knew I’d probably want things and it was so kind of her to think of me. Not many people would do that. Anyone else would have a ton of other things on their mind but she was thinking of others.

Barbara is nothing but color and light amongst a dreary, cloudy day. She is so incredibly thoughtful, sweet, kind, and all around wonderful. I feel lucky to even call her a friend. My life is richer just by her being in it.

It’s easy to make someone else’s day. Picking up a coffee in the morning for someone else. A cheerful ‘hello’ to a stranger. Sending a text to your friend to let them know you’re thinking of them. You can be the rainbow to anyone so long as you spread kindness.

How do you spread kindness? How are you the rainbow in someone else’s cloud?

My Sakura-Con Outfits!

Hi Lovely!

Over the weekend I attended Sakura-Con, an anime convention in Seattle! It was so much fun! I loved seeing so many awesome cosplays and cute outfits. I attended with my friend, Mikaela, and her boyfriend, Mike. I’ll be sharing a full recap of Sakura-Con soon so I won’t go into too much detail. For now I’m sharing the outfits I wore to each day!

Day 1

♥ Dress | Kawaii Goods ♥ Sweater | Forever 21 ♥ Backpack | AliExpress 

The first day was pretty jam-packed so I wanted to wear something that made me feel cute and comfy. I’ve shared this look before so you may recognize it. I wore my super-kawaii alpacacone dress paired with my cute sweater on top and my ita backpack! I love using my backpack when I know I’ll be out all day. It’s cute and allows me to carry everything I need! I felt pretty darn cute in this outfit so I will mark it as a success.

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Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Hi Lovely!!

I spent my weekend at Sakuracon, an anime convention in Seattle (which is why this is getting posted on Monday instead of Sunday). I spent two days walking around seeing people sell their products and being surrounded by so many talented small business owners. It was really rad.

I’m fortunate enough to have a ton of really awesome, talented friends who are following their dreams of having their own businesses. They inspire me regularly to try new things regardless of whether they may be challenging. Thanks to the help of my friend Becky, owner of The Pink Samurai, I made my very first pin!! It was a wonderful experience and made me want to try out more design work. I never saw myself as a creative person when it came to drawing. I could craft but if I had a cute illustration idea I could never translate it into something.

Thanks to so many inspiring friends, I’d like to try out more creative ventures in my free time. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never took the time to look into. I’d like to start small and see what interests me.

What about you? Do you have someone in your life who inspires you to take a leap and try new things? What is your dream?

Showing off my Studio Ghibli style

Hi Lovely!!

This last weekend I took a little trip up to Seattle to spend time with my husband, my brother, and my dad (who was visiting from out of town). I knew that we would be hitting up several breweries and we’d have a big meal so I wanted to wear something that would be cute and stretchy. Enter in: my soot sprite dress!

♥ Dress | Hot Topic ♥ Sweater | Forever 21 ♥ Pin | Be Magical Studio ♥ Backpack | AliExpress ♥

Fletch bought me this dress last year and I absolutely adore it. Like I said, cute and comfy! It was a bit cold this last weekend so I decided to wear this cute little sweater on top of the dress. I saw Laura (Daily Gems) wearing the same sweater over a dress and loved the look. It’s such a cute idea!!  I then added my new adorable Studio Ghibli pin from Be Magical Studio  because the pair was too perfect to pass up. Overall I think I picked the perfect weekend outfit!

What do you think of the look? How would you have styled it differently?