My Magical Adventure: Epcot

Hi Lovely!!

Back in December I visited Disney World with my family! It was an amazing trip (and I’m totally ready for my next Disney fix). We spent three days at the park. Our first day was spent at Hollywood Studios (read more here). Our second day was spent at Epcot so let’s get to it!

This was my first visit to Epcot. I’ll be honest and say that we didn’t plan out how we’d spend our day as well as we could have. If you’ve never been to Epcot and plan on visiting, know that the park is super spread out. If you don’t plan accordingly you can easily wind up walking back and forth a ton and getting worn out.

Epcot was our longest day. We got there when the park opened and left 30 minutes before the closing. Fletch, Dad, and I decided to start the day with a character meet because I knew that the lines would continue to grow as the day went on. We first hit up Wreck it Ralph then jumped in the line for Baymax! Let me tell you, Fletch doesn’t always show his emotions but he was ridiculously excited when he got to do the handshake from Big Hero 6 with Baymax.

Epcot isn’t a park you go to for the rides. It’s more of a walk around and enjoy the sites type of place. We walked around for a bit, then went on our first fast pass, Mission: Space. It’s a simulation type of ride where it feels like you’re flying into space and landing on the mars.

Let me tell you, I was freaked out to go on this ride. There are a ton of warning signs leading into the ride and then a lengthy list of what not to do on the ride. I ended up holding my Dad’s hand because I was so scared. In case you are interested in going on this ride you should know that it wasn’t scary. If you’re prone to motion sickness then maybe skip this ride but otherwise it was pretty fun.

We then met up with my sister and nephews to go on The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride. It was cute but not worth standing in line for an hour. You board a shell and are taken around while screens show you the ocean. It’s an even more tamed version of Haunted Mansion (which makes sense since it’s meant for small children).

Once done with that ride we walked around a bit more before hopping on our last ride, Soaring Around the World. This one was my favorite ride at this park! You’re lifted up and a huge screen displays what it would be like to fly across the world. If you’re able to check it out, I recommend it.

As I previously said, Epcot is very spread out so we spent the first half of the day in the front area. It wasn’t until we finished our rides that we went to the area with the different countries. I wish we had spent more time in that section of the park because it was super-cool!

There are eleven countries featured in Epcot. My favorites were Japan, France, and United Kingdom. In each country they have special Disney merch themed to the country. It’s pretty darn cool (and smart)! I was definitely tempted to buy a ton since everything was so unique.

We walked around for a few hours, checked out stores, and ate a few snacks. We had scheduled a character dinner reservation for 8pm and had to hang out until we could go to that.

Our reservation was for the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. We got to meet Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, and Aurora. The dinner was pricey but absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for a fancy character meal while at Epcot, I recommend checking out this restaurant.

It was a wonderful day walking about and seeing all the different “countries” in the park. I hope I can visit again soon!

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