My Sakura-Con 2019 Recap

Hi Lovely,

I recently attended Sakura-Con in Seattle and I’m excited to share my experience with you! This is my fourth year attending Sakura-Con and I love it every year. I love seeing the different cosplays and adorable styles. Plus, the shopping is amazing!!

Fletch and I started our day by attending the cosplay contest. It was super-cool! I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know most of the costumes in the contest but they sure did look cool!

After the cosplay contest Fletch and I decided to walk around the exhibit hall. The main thing I like looking for when attending Sakura-Con is plushies! I love finding super-cute plushies from Japan. This year I tried to restrain my shopping so I didn’t end up buying any.

I ended up stopping by the always adorable BB and B booth to check out their latest jewelry. They have a pair of Little Twin Stars themed earrings that are to DIE for!

We made a few quick stops at Bunny’s booth (S2Heart) and SmallRiniLady’s booth before moving on to the artist alley.

The artist alley area was so crowded. The entire area felt very cramped. The rows were very narrow and there were a ton of people so it was a little hard to look at stuff. On the plus side, that means that its successful so hopefully they figure out a way to make it a little more spread out next year.

We were needing a break after visiting the artist alley so we stepped outside to stop by a hot dog stand! It perfectly hit the spot. It was a short break because I wanted to make it back in to see the art show and the gaming area. There’s just so much to see!

The art show was really cool. The pieces were available to purchase but they also had an area where other items were available from the artists (like prints or keychains). I thought it was a really cool way to highlight the artists.

After the art show we stopped by the very loud but very cool gaming area! There’s a whole section where they have large arcade games for you to play for free! It’s so stinkin’ cool! They also had mini gaming areas for specific types of gaming (which is pretty awesome if you’re into that).

We wrapped up the day with watching the fashion show. The show featured items from GOUK-Miyabi. The pieces were really pretty and the timing of the show flowed really well. It was a really nice way to close out the day.

There is so much to do at Sakura-Con like karaoke, watching movies, a concert, and other miscellaneous things. One of these years I hope to attend all three days to really get the full experience.

Something I love about Sakura-Con, which is very different from most other conventions, is that it is run by a non-profit, ANCEA. When you pre-register you save a ton (vs buying tickets at the door) and you make the event possible. After you buy your ticket there are no additional costs (unless you’re shopping). The concerts, autographs, theaters, gaming, etc. are all free.

Sakura-Con is about creating a community and celebrating our loves. That’s why I love attending. If you end up attending, let me know! I want to hear about your experience.

Be sure to check out my vlog from the con!

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