My Kawaii Overall Look

Hi Lovely!

I’m excited to share this adorable outfit featuring a very cute pair of purple Lucy & Yak overalls! What I like about this look is that it still looks polished but is very comfy. The overalls are loose, making it easy to wear and bend over in (has anyone else had issues bending in form-fitting overalls or is it just me?)

♥ Shirt | Sanrio Japan ♥ Overalls | Lucy & Yak ♥ Shoes | Bershka ♥ Hair Bow | The Fangirl Crafter ♥ Earrings | Totem and Arrow

Anyhoo! I decided to pair the overalls with a shirt featuring an all-over Cinnamoroll design. I love the look of an all-over printed shirt with overalls; it’s just so cute!

I wore this look out to run a few errands with Fletch. We went to Daiso, the grocery store, and I grabbed coffee (of course). I’ve been finding more and more frequently that I enjoy wearing comfy clothes on the weekend unless I’m doing something that requires getting spruced up a bit. I pretty much live in sweatpants or leggings over the weekends or, if I still want to be comfy but slightly cuter, I might rock my overalls.

I think it could be an age thing. Maybe I’m to a point where being comfortable is more important than being cute all the time. Meh, whatever. All that matters is that I feel good about what I wear. And I do! I feel like over the past 5 years I’ve come into my own and really figured out what clothes make me the happiest.

I say, as long as it makes you happy, then who cares what someone else thinks about your style. You do you!

Ok, I went on a bit of a style-empowerment tangent there. So yeah, this outfit makes me feel awesome, is comfortable, and makes me happy. So there you go.

What do you wear when you want to feel good (physically and emotionally)?

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