Welcome to the New Year

Hi Lovely!

Happy New Year! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Honestly, I haven’t felt all that inspired to write. And why post content just to post? Seems like a waste. With that said, it’s a new year and I have high hopes for 2019. One of my goals, because I don’t really like resolutions, is to do more to inspire myself and be creative.

In 2018 I felt like I was in a bit of a rut. Work became increasingly difficult and stressful which left me drained and tired. Most nights I fell asleep on the couch by 8 pm then would get up to move to my bed around 9:30 pm. My evenings were spent watching TV and sleeping.

A positive for 2018 is that I strived to maintain strong relationships with friends. I started hosting regular game nights and being intentional with reaching out. It’s so easy to forget to reach out to your friends and before you know it its been six months and you haven’t spoken. In 2019 I plan to continue this effort.

I finished off 2018 with a trip to Florida (more details to come) to spend some quality time with family. My sister, nephews, and aunt all live there and I don’t get to see them very often. Fletch, my dad, and I all went for a long trip and it was wonderful getting to create more memories with everyone.

So yeah, 2018 was a bit weird. It was rough. But I have hope that things can only get better. I’m being more intentional with my time and energy and I’m ready to tackle whatever comes at me.

Now you. What have you been up to?

Leave some love!