GeekGirlCon 2018 Recap!

Hi Lovely!

It’s that time again! Another year, another GeekGirlCon (GGC)! This was my third year attending GGC (read my past recaps here and here) and I had a lovely time! In case you don’t know what GeekGirlCon is a fun and inclusive environment celebrating geeks of all kinds! To sum it up, they aim to create a welcoming and inclusive place to celebrate diversity, create community and empower those who are marginalized.

This conference is a great chance to reconnect with friends, check out interesting panels, and do a little shopping. I attend a few different conventions in the Seattle area regularly and this is my favorite for panels.

This year I attended a panel that focused on small business owners and how to connect with other business owners to create and foster a community. It was hosted by my wonderful friend, Jordan, and I loved hearing how important community is to so many of the business owners on the panel.

The other panel I attended was titled, The Women of Funko. It was really cool hearing from so many talented ladies working at one of my favorite companies. I had the opportunity to speak to the woman that helped produce the packaging for the Bao figure Funko recently released (which is my favorite packaging for a Funko pop of all time.)

The hard thing with conventions, when it comes to shopping, is that a lot of the same artists and shops go to the same conventions. So you see a lot of the same stuff. The positive side of that, if you keep up with an artist and they regularly release new items, you have a few chances to get some face time with them and support their business!

I usually first visit my friend’s booths then loop around so I don’t miss anything. As I previously said, conventions are great ways to get to know artists and small business owners that you might follow on social or regularly buy from.

A large majority of my friends I’ve met through social media and conventions. I first met my friend Jordan, Jordandene, through Instagram and interacted with her when she came to local conventions. My friend Bunny, s2heart, I met through local artist events and continued to bond with via Instagram. Now, even though she is traveling constantly (the life of a full-time artist), she is one of my dearest friends. I was nervous to put myself out there but the most rewarding things in life can often be the scariest and it totally paid off.

I definitely recommend attending GeekGirlCon if you’ve been debating it. It’s a fun, welcoming environment full of people excited to celebrate their geekyness.

What’s your favorite convention? What makes it your favorite?

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