You Are Special and You Are Loved

Hello, my Lovely Friends!

This weekend Fletch and I went to see the Mister Rogers documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” Let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing. I haven’t cried like that during a movie in a long while. Why was I moved to tears? Easy. Mister Rogers truly cared for others, especially children. It was apparent through the interviews featured in the film. Mister Rogers had the ability to make people feel loved, valued, safe, and cared about.

It makes you reflect on your own interactions with others. For me, I know I can do better. I can do more to be kind to others, to show those I love how special they are.

During one section of the documentary, they share an interview with Fred Rogers. He’s discussing his puppet, Daniel, and he explains how he uses Daniel to be more vulnerable. I thought this was interesting. As we age, we learn to become more guarded. We avoid vulnerability. That’s why we don’t like criticism, why we might stop talking to people. Instead of telling someone, “I’m scared and need a hug,” we hold in our feelings. Instead of letting someone know they hurt our feelings we internalize that pain and it grows into anger.

I think we could all learn a little bit more from our younger selves. When we were little we could make up magical worlds and be entertained by cardboard boxes. Now we turn to Netflix or Hulu for entertainment. When we were younger we’d smile and talk to strangers. We’d compliment them on their hair or outfits. Adults don’t do that as often. It seems as though we almost fear connecting with others. We’re glued to our phones when we’re waiting for something instead of chatting with others.

I left that movie theater on Saturday evening feeling a mixture of emotions. I felt hopeful, for the change I can make in my own life. I felt sad, sad about the state of things in our world. We live in a place where we have to assume ill-intent because we fear for our safety. I felt joyful, that a man could touch so many lives and could make so many feel special.

So here I am, Sunday evening thinking of how I can do better. How can I, if even in a small way, make this world a better place? Here are a few small actions I plan on taking.

  • I want to tell more people how wonderful they are and how much I care about them. I know I don’t hear it enough from others and often times need to. So, I want to be more open and honest. There is this woman in my office, Eileen, and she is seriously the best. I ask her way too many questions and she is never short with me. Her passion in life is to help others and to help them find their own callings. She makes work better just by being there and when she isn’t in the office I miss her. I should tell her that.
  • I want to give people more compliments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone wearing a super-cute dress and I just whisper about it to Fletch. Why do I that? Wouldn’t it be better to let them know?
  • I’d like to write more heartfelt letters. I did that for my birthday last year and really enjoyed it. People seemed to really enjoy it and I know there are more people I’d like to write to.
  • I’d like to be more vulnerable. I’m already pretty much an open book BUT when I feel hurt or angry I usually snap at people instead of just expressing myself. It would definitely be better for my relationships and help resolve issues better.

Who would have known that a documentary about Mister Rogers would cause so much reflection? Not me!

Have you seen this movie? If you have, make sure to tell me what you thought!

I love you all and want to thank you, as always, for being amazing individuals. I truly feel lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. You are all such special individuals. Never forget that.

One thought on “You Are Special and You Are Loved

  1. This is such a lovely post. I am a huge fan of compliment giving, to the point that I can’t stop myself from blurting out something when I’m serving someone at work. Whilst most people appreciate it, others are a little taken aback when the person giving them their fast food is saying how cool their earrings are

    I’ve been trying to do this more online as well, and actually commenting the thoughts I have on people’s posts instead of keeping them to myself, because you never know how that person is feeling behind the screen, and they might really need some words of encouragement. The world could always use more kindness!

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