Overall, I feel pretty cute! Styling my dungarees from Lucy and Yak

Hi Lovely!!

I’m really excited about this look! I normally only wear dresses and skirts but I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased some overalls (also known as dungarees). These cuties are from a store called, Lucy & Yak. I saw my friend, Toni, wearing them and absolutely loved them. They were cute and looked very comfy. Two things I love when it comes to my style!

♥ Shirt | Target ♥ Overalls | Lucy & Yak ♥ Backpack | Wego ♥

I LOVE Lucy & Yak’s values:

– To create fabulous, high-quality clothes and products that we love
– To be fair with everyone that has an input in the making of Lucy & Yak clothing
– To give every customer the most awesome buying experience every time
– To always be working towards a positive environmental impact
– To ultimately give back more than we take out

The overalls were more than I usually spend so I saved up to purchase my first pair and I LOVE them. It’s a piece of clothing that is cute, comfy, and I can feel proud to support such an amazing company.

I’m so happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to wear the crap out of them! Yay!

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