Our Day at Toy and Geek Fest

Hi Lovely!

This past weekend Fletch and I went to the Toy and Geek Fest at the Puyallup Fair Grounds! It was pretty cool! Fletch and I spent most of our time taking photos with all of the cool replicas. We looked around at the different booths but didn’t find much. If you haven’t been I’d describe this event like a mini-comic con. They have booths, a few artists, and celebrities. They had more replicas then I’ve seen at a convention before which made it fun to take photos with.

In all transparency, I will say that I thought the tickets were a little overpriced. I think they charged a lot because of the larger venue. Almost everything was in one big room so I’m not sure renting out the Puyallup Fair Grounds was completely necessary. On the plus side, if they hold the event at the same venue in the future they have plenty of room to grow. Outside there were some bouncy houses for kids, a few military-themed demos, and a spot where you could play laser tag. While I do think the tickets were too expensive, I had a good time.

Since Fletch and I go to conventions regularly I’m not sure this will become a yearly tradition. It wasn’t different enough from the other events in the area to make it worthwhile. I really look forward to seeing how they change it up next year. Who knows, maybe we’ll go again!

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