Updates and What’s Up With Me!

Hi Lovely!

Life recently has been a bit busy. I feel like I’ve been rushing around, both at work and home. Last Saturday I spent all day at the Mahouto Market helping my wonderful friend, Bunny, at her artist booth. It was a lot of fun!! I met people, sold a ton of cute stuff, and ate some yummy food during it. Last Sunday I made a second trip up to Seattle for a blogger beauty event that Kroger hosted. I always enjoy seeing fellow local blogger friends so attending events like this are totally fun. This weekend was also busy. Friday night we had friends over for a game night, Saturday we went to see Incredibles 2 and stopped at a few shops around Federal Way, and Sunday was spent with Fletch’s Dad for Father’s Day. Both weekends were spent with amazing people.

I love weekends when I get to spend time with people I care about. I’ve been doing some self-reflection and, while it was more obvious to others, I’ve only recently realized how truly extroverted I am. I love meeting new people. I enjoy making friends. Going to conventions, chatting with artists, meeting fellow bloggers… I love it all!

People often ask why I blog. I blog because I love that it’s allowed me to meet so many amazing people. I’ve made friends in Japan, California, New York, Texas, and all over the darn place! Amazing individuals that I would never have met otherwise. When I started collecting toys I felt alone, judged. That was until I found fellow collectors online. I realized that it was okay to like the things I like. Sure, some people might not understand but that’s alright! What matters is that it makes me happy.

I’m so thankful for all of the incredible people I have in my life. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made through blogging. Things may not always go my way but that’s alright so long as I have those who care about me.

What have you been up to?

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