Showing My True Colors

Hi Lovely!

I’m really excited about this recent outfit!! In this latest look I’m wearing my super-cute My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash dress from Hot Topic. I bought it last year and kind of forgot about it for a few months (I know, that was stupid). Recently I’ve been wearing it more frequently. It’s both comfortable and adorable. I always receive compliments but most people usually think it’s a skirt. I wish I had a rainbow tulle skirt! That would be rad!

♥ Dress | Hot Topic (no longer available) ♥ Sweater | Doll Me Up ♥ Shoes | Bait Footwear ♥

When I wear this I usually pair it with a cute cropped sweater. The dress has spaghetti straps and I prefer to cover my shoulders. Plus, it’s been chilly so wearing a sweater is both fashionable but practical. I feel confident when I wear this dress. I’m a pretty colorful lady and this dress really shows that off.
I hope you enjoy this look! How would you style it? I’d love to hear!!

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